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ERBzine 0119a

Peter Ogden's
established April 1956

Volume II: Issues 26 - 50
ERBANIA 26: July 1970 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Jim Cawthorn
Black & White by Cawthorn & Harwood
Under Surveillance by David Anthony Kraft
New Adv. of Tarzan Ch. 7 "Flaming Waters"
Nomads of Gor review by D.A. Kraft
Under the Moons of Mars review by Odgen
Kaor letters
Tarzan's Deadly Silence synopsis
Tarzan's Jungle Rebellion synopsis
ERBANIA 27: March 1971 ~ 16 pages
Cover of Fafhrd & the Mouser by Jim Cawthorn
Another Look at the Age of Tarzan & Korak by Ogden
Book Reviews:
The Wizard of Venus by John Harwood
Assassin of Gor by David Anthony Kraft
Swords & Deviltry by Richard Hill
Photos: New Aventures of Tarzan: 7. Angry Gods
Tarzan and the Jungle Murders: 6 page adapt by Habblitz
ERBANIA 28: December 1971 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Bob Parker
Reply to Tarzan & Korak's Age by PJ Farmer
Cartoon by Jim Cawthorn
The Apes by Vernon Reynolds review by Ogden
Wind Whales of Ishmael by PJ Farmer review by Harwood
TV Interview by D. Peter Ogden
Kaor letters
Illos by Krenkel, Ed Lancaster, Mike Zeck & Cawthorn
ERBANIA 29: May 1972 ~ 16 pages
ERBANIA 30: 1972 ~ 16 pages
ERBANIA 29: May 1972 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Jim Cawthorn
Under Surveillance: JC & Giant of Mars by C. Badger
Book Reviews:
Rascals at Large (Prager): by John Haywood
Unembarrassed muse (Nye) by Robert Cook
Raiders of Gor (Norman) by Michael Bell
Tarzan Alive (Farmer) by Robert B. Cook
Land Time Forgot progress report: by Cawthorn with illos
New Adventures of Tarzan: 9. Doom's Brink
ERBANIA 30: 1972 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Clyde Caldwell
JC & Knights of Round Table by Felix Graham
The Magazines by Robert B. Cook, Sr.
Kaor letters
Machismo by Harry Habblitz
Tarzan and the Jungle Murders: 6 pages by Cawthorn


ERBANIA 33 / 34: Winter 1973 ~ 32 pages.
ERBANIA 31 / 32: Spring 1973 ~ 28 pages
Cover by Roy Krenkel
Back Cover by Jim Garrison
Bruce Bennett by Pete Ogden
Early Tarzan illo by Thomas Yeates
"Unique Advs. of Tarzan" by Doug Elmo Brooks
New Adv. Tarzan: Ch. 10 - Secret Signals
Tarzan/Jungle Murders: 3 pg illos adapted by Cawthorn
Tarzan of the Apes by ERB/Hogarth : Habblitz
Mtns at Bottom of World by Ian Cameron
Village in Treetops by Jules Verne: Harwood
Other Log of Phileas Fogg by PJ Farmer: Barrett
ERBANIA 33 / 34: Winter 1973 ~ 32 pages
Cover by Harry Habbitz
Inside Back Cover by Russ Manning
End of an Era by Habblitz & Ogden
New Adventures of Tarzan: conclusion
2 preliminary covers by Roy Kenkel
OA Kline: 3 Lesser Known Series by DA Kraft
Barsoom: Crossword Puzzle by C. Brueckel
Barsoom art by Ford
Book Reviews: 
Time's Last Gift (Farmer) by Bob Barrett
Transit to Scorpio & Suns of Scorpio (Akers)
Under the Green Star (Carter) " by L. Perrine
Tarzan and the Jungle Murders 3 pages by Cawthorn
ERBANIA 35: June 1974 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Roy G. Krenkel
John Carter: Hero or ? by Filbert J. Blaggard
Heritage of the Grey-Eyed God by R.R.Barrett
Kaor letters
Barsoom Crossword Puzzle
Tarzan & Jungle Murders 3-pages illos by Cawthorn
Illos by Joseph Camarata, Tom Yeates, Krenkel
ERBANIA 36: November 1974 ~ 16 pages
Cover: Land Time Forgot movie photo
Back cover inside: by Steve Fabian
John Carter: Hero or ? by India Boone (Mosher/Lancaster art)
Map by ERB & Barrett
Film progress report by Jim Cawthorn
A Few Basics of the Novel by Ogden
Reviews by Habblitz and Ogden
ERBANIA 37: September 1975 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Roy Krenkel
Back Cover by Jeff Easley
La's Prayer by India Boone
John Carter is No Jailbird by Philboyd J. Feeley
Mother was a Lovely Beast by PJF review by Barrett
Marauders of Gor by J. Norman review by A. Tann
Radio Flyers by Ralph Milne Farley review by Ogden
Bunduki by J. T. Edson review by P. Ogden
Kaor letters
John Carter in Dimension by JF Roy - Zeck illos
Tarzan & Jungle Murders: 3 pages Cawthorn art
Tarzan's Knife by J. T. Edson - illos by Horvath
ERBANIA 38: Spring 1976 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Jeff Easley
Back Cover by Jack Bierley
BOOK REVIEWS: 3 reviews by Artemus Tann:
Hiero's Journey (Sterling Lanier)
Bloodstone (Karl Edward Wagner)
Time Slave (John Norman)
Flight to Opar (Farmer) by Bob Barrett
Simba: Art Folio #1 (Bird) by Habblitz
I Have Taken Fictitious Names. . . by WR Rennagel
Centennial illo by Cliff Bird
ERBANIA 40 ~  Winter 1977 ~ Cover by Mike ZeckERBANIA 40
ERBANIA 39: Summer 1976 ~ 16 pages
Cover Photo of Caroline Munro
Whom We Sall Call Clayton by WR Rennagel (Krenkel Illos)
At the Earth's Core movie review by Ogden
Christmas in Pellucidar cartoon by Cawthorn
REVIEWS: 3 reviews by Ogden
Ka-Zar, King of Fang & Claw (Bob Byrd)
Kioga of the Wilderness (William Chester)
Balik (Cliff Bird)
Frazetta Calendar 1977 by Bob Barrett
ART: Garrison, Krenkel, Frazetta, Zeck, Reyes
ERBANIA 40: Winter 1977 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Mike Zeck
Back Cover by Frank Reyes
The Lion Man by Harry Habblitz
The Lad and the Lion by Peter Ogden
Jungle Tales of Tarzan by Burne Hogarth: Habblitz review
Tann-Dom Notes by Artemus Tann
A Choice of Gods by Clyde Caldwell
Kaor letters
Mahars of Pellucidear by J.E. Holmes: Cawthorn review
ERBANIA 41 & 42: Summer 1977 ~ Cover Art: Alex NiinoERBANIA 41 / 42
ERBANIA 41 & 42: Summer 1977 ~ 32 pages
Cover by Alex Nino
Back Cover by Joe Ferrier
La of Opar illo by Jim Cawthorn
Allegory of the Ape Man by Alan Hanson
The Mad King illo by Joe Ferrier
Ten Years of Gor by Artemus Tann - illos by Zeck & Habblitz
Tarzan at Opar with La by Joe Ferrier
Bandit of Hell's Bend  and
Girl from Hollywood reviews by Tann
Efficiency Expert review by David Ginn
Tann-Dom Notes by Artemus Tann
Day-Dream Nightmare by Roland Trenary
Illos by Krenkel, Cawthorn, Ken Webber, Horvath & Mosher
ERBANIA 43: Winter 1978 ~ Cover Art: Roy KrenkelERBANIA 43
ERBANIA 44: Winter 1979 ~ Cover Art: John Coleman Burroughs
ERBANIA 43: Winter 1978 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Roy Krenkel
Back Cover by Cliff Bird
The Word Counts of ERB by David Ginn
. . . On a Bright Morning in 1888 by W.R. Rennagel
Kaor letters
Illos by Krenkel, Ferrier, Robert Owen, Sam O'Brien
Illos by Cawthorn, Tom Yeates, Frank Reyes, Bird
ERBANIA 44: Winter 1979 ~ 16 pages
Covers Front & Back by John Coleman Burroughs
Reviews by Habblitz and Ogden
Greatest JC Novel of Them All by Cawthorn
    review of Marvel Comics Warlord of Mars #1-10
John Coleman Burroughs by Ogden & Habblitz
ERBANIA 45: Summer 1980 ~ Frank ReyesERBANIA 45
ERBANIA 46: Spring 1981 ~ Michael Whelan Cover ArtERBANIA 46
ERBANIA 45:  Summer 1980 ~ 16 pages
Cover by Frank Reyes
Back Cover by Charles Moffitt
Jungle Girl preliminary sketch by Roy Krenkel
Mucker & the Roughneck by John Flint Roy
Frank Frazetta and ERB by Robert Barrett
JC & Dejah Thoris preliminary art by Cawthorn
Kaor letters
ERBANIA 46: Spring 1981 ~ 16 pages
Covers front & back  by Michael Whelan
A Theory of Self-Education by Artemus Tann
Burroughsian Wonderworks by Robert Barrett
Kaor letters
ERB On PBS by Robert R. Barrett
Illos by Cawthorn, Whelan, Krenkel, Ferrier
ERBANIA 47: Fall 1981 ~ Derek & O'Keefe  Photo Cover
ERBANIA 48: Winter 1981 ~ Roy Krenkel Cover ArtERBANIA 48
ERBANIA 47:  Fall 1981 ~ 16 pages
Cover photo from Tarzan, The Ape Man
Certainly He Could by Benjamin Stone
REVIEWS by Habblitz and Rennagel:
 Tarzan and Tradition by E.B Holtsmark
 Dictionary of Imaginary Places by Manguel & Guadalupi
 Library Review 30 by George McWhorter
Tarzan the Ape Man review by Habblitz, Barrett, Ogden
Tarzan Sunday Pages by Mike Grell
ERBANIA 48: Winter 1981 ~ 16 pages
Covers front & back  by Roy G. Krenkel
Hal Foster: Artist Adventurer by J.F. Roy
Kaor letters
Farewell Russ by D. Peter Ogden
ERBANIA 49: Winter 1992 ~ ERB Chicago 1933 Photo CoverERBANIA 49
ERBANIA 50: Summer 1983 ~ Lambert in Greystoke Photo CoverERBANIA 50
ERBANIA 49: Winter 1982 ~ 16 pages
Cover photo of ERB
Back Cover art by Harry Habblitz
The Final Solution of Julian 20th by A. Hanson
Tarzan Was Born In Chicago by John I. Tucker
Kaor letters
Art by Frank Reyes
ERBANIA 50:  Summer 1983 ~ 16 pages
Cover Photo of Christopher Lambert from Greystoke
Back Cover Photo of Andie McDowell as Jane
Greystoke film preview by Pete Ogden
Roy G. Krenkel by Robert R. Barrett
Buster Crabbe by Pete Ogden
Art by Harry Habblitz

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