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ERBdom Index III
Issues 51 - 75
Compiled by Bill Hillman as a reference for collectors and scholars
A Burroughs Biblio-Pro-Phile:
Camille (Caz) Cazedessus
"Science Fiction readers call themselves "fans", and 
many publish "fanzines" about favorite authors, or sf in general. 
I began my fanzine in 1960: ERB-dom, devoted to Edgar Rice Burroughs. 

We won the Hugo Award in 1966 for Best Amateur Fanzine. 

Recently, I enlarged my perspective to other authors of the old days (1880's-1930's) 
and now you have a magazine titled PULPDOM. 
The advertising section, mostly for individual fans and collectors, is called
The Fantastic Collector, and grew out of The Fantasy Collector,
an adzine of the 1960's, which grew out of The Fantasy Advertiser of the 1940's & 1950's." 

"ERBdom - the legendary Hugo winning (1967) fanzine first published in 1960 is alive and well.
It is now renamed PULPDOM; a bi-monthly magazine for readers and collectors of those really old pulp magazines."

Camille (Caz) Cazedessus (Founder & Editor of ERBdom & Pulpdom Fanzines

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51 ~ October 1971
Yellow Men of Mars
G.M. Farley after St. John
Inside: Yellow Men of Mars
St. John Amazing cover Aug. 1941

Tarzan and animal friends
Rex Maxon coloured by Grainger
Inside: Rex Maxon
Photo and self-portrait sketch

House of Info: New DC Tarzans
Burroughs First Editions & Their Value I
Burroughs First Editions & Their Value II
Bookfinders' Guide & ERB, Inc. ads for rare Tarzans
John Carter's Use of Earth Colloquialisms
Art: Tarzan & Kala, Moon Man, Carter & heavy sword
Fantasy Collector (ads with art) Insert
Letters to fans: 1932, 1934
Ad: 1930s Foulds Tarzan mini statures
Ad: Johnny Weissmuller presents Tropical Wonderland
Visit to Tropical Wonderland ~ negative review
Rex Maxon: Burroughs Artist: bio, index, 2 strips, photo
David Anthony Kraft
Capili, Taylor, Frolich
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Foulds ~ Joe Stoner
2-page brochure
Robert S. Cook, Sr.
52 ~ November 1971
La and Oparians
Inside: Tarzan running
"walking dead"
Inside: Thark at table
All cover art by Pete Poplaski
Concerning ERB Comic Books
Barsoomian: Review and Guide
Laugh It Off: Jan. 22, 23, 26, 27, 1942
Tarzan's Coat of Arms: illo
A Feast Unknown dedication page to Caz
Jungle World: Pal-ul-don from Dell #20
Fantasy Collector (ads and art) Insert
Review of Dell's Early Tarzan: 1948-1953
Art: 5 pieces from Dell: covers, ads, features
Letter Re: Gem Clay Forming Tarzan statuettes
E.R Burroughs
PJ Farmer
PJ Farmer
Jesse Marsh
Jesse Marsh
Irwin Porges
53 ~ December 1971
Kamuela Searle as Korak
Photo from Son of Tarzan serial
Inside: Baby Tarzan and Kala
Jim Garrison

Two 1921 lobby cards
from Son of Tarzan serial
Inside: Young Korak and Meriem
Still from Son of Tarzan serial

Laugh It Off: last column 1942
Art: 3 Tarzan in Pellucidar Strips: Dec. 4, 6, 7, 1971
Oriental Jungle Boy Movie: Review and poster
Victory Cry of the Bull Ape: Review: Rascals At Large
Korak & Meriem: Son of Tarzan review: NM & St. John art
Art: Son of Tarzan serial 1920: 2 newspaper ads
Fantasy Collector (ads and art) insert
Recollection: Son of Tarzan: credits 
Tarzan My Jungle King: Sheet music for Son of Tarzan: art
Clipping: May 29, 1920: "National Makes "Son of Tarzan"
"...too many Tarzan pictures" 21.11.19 UK criticism Howeels
Son of Tarzan in 8mm comments
E.R. Burroughs
Russ Manning
John Harwood
John F. Roy
John F. Roy
NY Newspaper
Maurice B. Gardner
Tedman & Stuckey
Moving Picture World
E.R. Burroughs letter
54 ~ January 1972
Three Tarzan sketches
by Joe Kubert
Inside: Tarzan comic cover
DC 1st Issue: Kubert art

Korak fights buffalo
by Frank Thorn
Inside Tarzan comic cover
DC 2nd Issue: Kubert art

DC Tarzan & ERB Comics Issue
Art: Writer & Artist : Tarzan of the Apes
Art: Korak: Son of Tarzan
Art: John Carter of Mars ~ 4 pages
Fantasy Collector (ads and art) insert
Art: David Innes in Pellucidar ~ 2 pages
Art: Carson Napier on Venus ~ 3 pages

Joe Kubert
Frank Thorne
Murphy Anderson
Alan Weiss
W.M. Kaluta
55 ~ February 1972
Painting by English artist:
Eddie Jones
Inside: Tarzan on branch
By Bill Stout

Tarzan and Jane
By Potter
Space Suit with A.C. Clarke quote
By Romero

Kaor Intro
Man Without a World: 2 opening pages
The Lightning Men: 2 opening pages
Art: Old Man in Hat with Pipe sketch
Unused cover art: Treasure Black Falcon
To Dak Kova poem with MacDonald Thark
Fantasy Collector (ads with art) insert
A Further Look at Style:: subjects/pronouns use
Gridley Waverlings Werper Travesty
Special for ERB-dumb: parody news
Robert Abbett: Burroughs Artist: TFC sketch, photo
Interview with the Publisher (sub rate increase)
Letter to Caz: Opinion about ERB
JC & Hulbert Burroughs
JC & Hulbert Burroughs
John Coleman Burroughs
Robert T. Horvath
India Boone
Robert Kudlay
John F. Martin
Ray Bradbury
56 ~ March 1972
Tongzan, Beast of Amtor
By Neal MacDonald
Inside: Tarzan on Tantor
Burian cover painting for Czech TA

Two Cover Ace Double Format
Beyond the Farthest Star cover
Inside: Blue Book cover January 1942
Plus photo: ERB War Corresp 

Special Beyond the Farthest Star "Double" Issue
Kaor! Explaining Poloda and "Ace Double" format
Corresp: Criticism on DC comic book emphasis
Gene Pollar, 1920 Tarzan, Dies: photo ~ art by Dief
Ballantine Books Spring 1972: 5 releases: TA cover
Info: LTF to be made, Mars series blasted, UK Tz Comics
Misc. Works of ERB: "Obscure:" list (56 titles)
Art: 4 Sogensha Co. Jap. covers: TA, BSA, LV, CMM
Lost Cities IV: Castle of the Kaji (TaM) ~ Strack art
Art: Athne Street Scene ~ 2-page spread
Fantasy Collector (ads and art) insert
Beyond the Farthest Star: War Propoganda or Not essay
Art: 5 interiors from Japanese edition of BFS
BFS: Notes & Comments
Art: Tales of Three Planets Canaveral cover
Original Intro for Tales 3 Planets ~ sans Donaghho quotes

J. Woodward
Hulbert B.
M. Takebe
John F. Roy
Larry Hancks
R. Kudlay
M. Takebe
R.G. Krenkel
Canaveral ed.
57 ~ April 1972
Tarzan over dead lion
By Harry Habblitz
Inside: Kale & baby by cabin
By Zdenek Burian

John Carter and Dejah 
By Clyde Caldwell
Inside Apes play with baby
By Zdenek Burian

Kaor! Introduction
Tarzan Alive Esquire April 1972 ~ Greystoke Painting
Great Korak-Time Discrepancy intro: Korak Tantor illo
Problems in Writing a Tarzan Bio I: The Son of Tarzan
Art: Foreign ST covers: Arg., Swedish, German, Italian, UK, Dutch
Photo: Pg. Tarzan of Apes handwritten manuscript with ERB pen
Fantasy Collector (ads and art) insert
American Books by ERB: 69 titles with all editions
Tahara Adventure Series by Harold M. Sherman ~ cover art 1
Silent Running: SF Movie Review ~ poster art and photo
Art: The Mad King: new Ace cover layout 
Art: Korak Son of Tarzan ~ 1st DC issue cover
Art: Mooman Little Jungle Boy movie ad (review in #53)
Corresp: Rebuttal to Caz' "Why is Mullen so anti-ERB"
PJ Farmer
PJ Farmer
PJ Farmer
Many artists
ER Burroughs
Allan Howard
Rick Norwood
F. Frazetta
Joe. Kubert
R.D. Mullen
58 ~ May 1972
La of Opar
by Roy G. Krenkel
Inside: Boy Tarzan against ape
By Zdenek Burian

ERB smiling portrait
Inside: 3 1929 photos
Reenactments: ERB & Hully

Kaor! Intro
Romance Isn't Dead: ERB Interview: Writers' Markets 1938
Tarzan: Lord Tyger et al: review of PJ Farmer's Tarzans
Tarzan Alive: Superbly Tedious Irrelevance: review NY Times '71
Art: 4 Italian covers: Marzocco 1971
Two Zodangas on Barsoom ~ Curtis Barsoom art
Fantasy Collector (ads & art: Krenkel, Jones) insert
Ads: Aurora Tarzan figures kits and Trailmakers Tarzan Game
House of Info: Tz figures, comics news, Weird Worlds, Manning
Joe Kubert's New Tarzan Comic ~ Korak art by Thorne
Art: Kubert comic page after Hogarth
Walkabout: Inspiration for a Tarzan Film ~ with movie poster
Slight Case of Fraud: true story of the 1929 Literary Digest photos
Oliver Poole
Don Thompson
C. Lehmann-Haupt
John F. Roy
Phil Currie
Marv Wolfman
Hulbert Burroughs
59 ~ June 1972
Pellucidar cover?
By Jeff Jones
Inside: TA Czech art
By Zdenek Burian

Neo-Zaldar: Amtor
By Neal MacDonald
Inside: TA Czech art
By Zdenek Burian

New British Tarzan Comics ~ montage cover art
Prominent Oak Park Man Honored: Oak Parker 18.09.28
Art: Frazetta art for Jones cover: Famous Funnies
ERB's Tarzana Ranch: aerial photo and description
Photo: Tarzana Ranch 1922 air photo over two pages
Fantasy Collector (ads insert)
For Sale: ERB's Former Tarzana Homesite:: April 4, 1936
Our Second Voyage To Mars: Cassell's Mag 1889
The Efficiency Expert:House of Greystoke 1966: Review
Public Plea to Ballantine to get all Tarzans and Mars in print


Caz, Belton, McGeehan
Hulbert Burroughs
Frank Frazetta
Hulbert Burroughs 
Hulbert Burroughs
Rob Wagner's Script
Lester Anderson


60 ~ July 1972
Johnny Weissmuller in Trees
Inside: Weissmuller as Tarzan

Weissmuller as crouching Tarzan
Weissmuller on branch: To Caz

Special Johnny Weissmuller Issue
Johnny Weissmuller: A brief Biographical Sketch
Posters: Tarzan the Apeman: March 1932
Tarzan and His Mate: April 1934
Tarzan Escapes: October 1936
Tarzan Finds a Son: June 1939
Tarzan's Secret Treasure: December 1941
Tarzan's New York Adventure: July 1942
Tarzan Triumphs: February 1943
Tarzan's Desert Mystery: December 1943
Tarzan and the Amazons: April 1945
Tarzan and the Leopard Woman February 1946
Tarzan and the Huntress: April 1947
Tarzan and the Mermaids: March 1948
Stills: Tz Ape Man, JW on branch
Early pub photo from The Stage mag, June 1932
Fantasy Collector (ads & art: Crandall, Finlay, Foster, Hogarth)
The ERB Fan Press: Other fanzines
61 ~ August 1972
John Carter and Thark
By Dave Cockrum
Inside: TA Czech art
By Zdenek Burian

Otis Adelbert Kline art
By Jim Garrison
Inside: TA Czech art
By Zdenek Burian

Analysis of ERB with Analytical Subject Index preview
New Pellucidar Study review ~ Horvath art
ERB's DooDad: origins and appearances on DJs & spines
The Jewels of Arkham: Price guide for OP Arkham House
Fantasy Collector (ads and art
Manning Relinquishes Daily Strip: art: 2 Mannings 1 Hogarth
Tarzan of Outer Space: Sojar, etc.~ art: 2 pulp covers
House of Info: Films: Tarzana poster ~ Tarzen (gay) poster
Art: 4 covers: ES (Ace), 2 UK annuals, Weird Worlds 1
Letter to Newborn Danton: June 22, 1944


Kudlay & Leiby
Robert Kudlay
S.D. Schiff
K.E. Wagner
ER Burroughs


62 ~ September 1972
Bruce Bennett (Herman Brix)
1935 photo
Inside: Convention 72 Photos
Bennett, Pierce, Hogarth, Manning

TA Illo Ed. Tarzan vs Kerchak
By BurneHogarth 
Inside: Convention 72 Photos
Ogden, Hogarth, Danton, Caz, Roy

Kaor! 10 Days of Burroughsing BB meet
Tarzan, Jane Alive & Well:: Pierces 72.08.28
Photo: Jim Pierce & Joan Burroughs 1932 rasio stars
Photos: Pierce as Tarzan 1927 ~ Brix as Tarzan 1935
ERB's Tarzan vs Hollywood's: 72.06.16 
Tarzan news release by Russ Manning: 72.06.25
ERB in British Comics ~ cover art Tornado 67.07.15
Art: 2 Tanar of Pellucidar illos ~ snakes and mammoth
ERB Puzzels (sic): Pellucidar Crossword
Add for Tarzan the Untamed in Blue Book: April 1919
Tarzan For President page in pulp July 1932
Art: 4 NEL UK covers: MM, GM, SMM, EV August
New Color Tarzan: Hogarth's TA descrip & cover art
4 Photos: Bob Hodes, Sharon & Danton Burroughs
Tom Tolley, Dale Broadhurst, Tom & John McGeehan
Stan Vinson, Bill Gilmour, Danton, Vern Coriell
Frank Brueckel and Allan Howard
Morning Advocate
ERB, Inc.
Register: Orange CA
Register: Orange CA
Marcus Boas
Roy & Mary Caz
Red Book
Blue Book
63 ~ October 1972
Hogarth inspired Tarzan
G.M  Farley
Inside Tarzan with Apes
By Burne Hogarth

Zorat: Beast of Amtor
By Neal MacDonald
TA Czech art
By Zdenek Burian

Myth Man in the Age of the Macromachine
Ad and art for Hogarth's Tarzan of the Apes
Fantasy Collector (ads and art) insert
All-Story Octorber 1912 ~ First page of TA
A CAZual Look at. . . Prince Valiant ~ 1 page Foster art
Tarzen and the Fearless Pornographers: Movie Review ~ small ad
Pulp art: Hawk\Wilderness Bedford-Jones/ERB issue Apr 1935
Hawk of the Wilderness by William L. Chester: A Story Review
Hawk of the Wilderness: A Mystery
Hero Pulp Index (1971 Opar Press): Additions & Corrections


Burne Hogarth
ER Burroughs
John Moraine
Blue Book
John F. Roy
Robert Weinberg


64 ~ November 1972
The Beasts of Tarzan
Unpublished: J. Allen St. John
Inside: 4 unpublished BT illos
By J. Allen St. John

Tarzan and the Beasts
By J. Allen St. John
Inside Beasts of Tarzan illo
By J. Allen St. John

Kaor! J. Allen St. John Issue
J. Allen St. John:  A Krenkel-designed book?
J. Allen St. John
Art: 4 pulp covers with St. John art
Art: Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar title page 1918
Info: Art: 4 new Ace covers: SP, OT, PTF, LT
Art: Daughter of La
Mag Cover: Girl From Hollywood art & text ~ Nov. 1927
Fantasy Collector (ads and art: Severin, Dorothy Dulin 1916)
History of Pulp Fiction I: General Introduction to Pulps
George Allan England: Men Who Make The Argosy 32.10.15
The Fantastic In Fiction: Why & How ~.July 1923 Story World
Tarzan Returns: Discussion on Beasts of Tarzan
H.H. Heins
St. John
St. John
Skot MacLeod
Household Journal
G.A. England
John F. Roy
65 ~ December 1972
Green Man of Barsoom
By Poplaskin
Inside: "Kagoda" TA art
By Zdenek Burian

Gridley Searches for Tarzan
By Zdenek Burian
Inside: TA Czech art
By Zdenek Burian

The Lord Mountford Mystery ~ TaM cover art
New British Tarzan Comics II ~ 4 UK 1972 covers
Art: Burian Dust Jacket for a Czech edition of Tarzan
Fantasy Collector (ads and art)
H.R.H. ~ plus 4 Haggard PB covers and checklist
Art: King Solomon's Mines 1951 Avon comic cover
Pulp Classics: 1. Python Men of Lost City: Chester Hawks
Capt. Hazzard May 1938 pulp cover
Green Men of Barsoom ~ art: NEL 1969 PM


PJ Farmer
Zdenek Burian
Robert Weisberg
Robert Weinberg
Mag Publishers
John F. Roy


66 ~ January 1973
A Burroughs Indian
By John Coleman Burroughs
Inside: 1936 Oakdale Affair pose
photo: Jane Burroughs & Jim Pierce

Oakdale Affair painting
Photo of JCB & ERB
Inside: Oakdale Affair sketches
Photo John Coleman B. at work

DC "Trys" ERB: A Review
Art: Tarzan of the Apes comic page by Kubert 1972
Art: Carson of Venus comic page from Korak #50
Art: Valerian ~ French comics page ~ Comment
Art: Haxtur ~ Spanish comics page ~ Comment
Art: Lone Sloane ~ French comics page ~ Comment
Fantasy Collector (ads and art)
Lone Sloane Review with 2 illos by Druillet
Art: 4 French ERB covers: Edition Speciale 1971
Pulp Classics: 2. Invasion of Crimson Death Cult '35
Pulp cover: Secret Service Operator #5: Sept 1935
House of Info: new pubs: Spcaced Out comic cover
Art: Moon Maid illustration
Report on foreign Tarzan and Korak comics
John Coleman Burroughs bio and checklist ~ photos
Joe Kubert
Mike Kaluta
Mezieres Caz
de la Fuente
Caz & Moreau
Robert Weisberg
J. Howitt
J. Cawthorne
67 ~ February 1973
Tarzan and ape battle
By Pit Capili
Inside: John Carter
Photo of Caz in costume

The Snake Mother
G.M. Farley
Inside: Artist & Sabre Tooth
Photo of Roy G. Krenkel

Marcia of the Doorstep: Synopsis, Analysis, Review
Fantasy Collector (ads and art)
Corresp: on quizzes, Haggard, Farmer, Virginia, critique
The John Carters of Virginia
Art: All-Story Dec. 1913 cover art ~ Warlord of Mars
The Ambidextrous Ape-Man ~ 2 MacDonald art
Pulp Classics: Fantastic Novels  July 1940 - April 1941
Art: Fantastic Novels Mag. Nov. 1940 cover art
Art: Conan in Aquilonia (No. 4) sketch


H.H. Heins
P. Dearen
Harwood & Caz
Robert Weinberg
Virgil Finlay
Roy G. Krenkel


68 ~ March 1973
Tarzan and a Jewel of Opar
Painted by Zdenek Burian
Inside: Kulonga is Dead
Painted by Zdenek Burian

John Carter and the Blood of Mars
Painted by Paul Privitera
Inside: Korak the Unconquerable
By Paul Privitera (Reading, UK)

Kaor! Art Issue: Pro and Amateur
Art of Zdenek Burian
Art: Lion Battlle from TA
Art: The People That Time Forgot
House of Info: Nat. Geo., Ace, ERB comics
Britain's New Adventure Weekly: Tarkan & Zuman ~ Cover
Art: At the Earth's Core and Pellucidar
Art: Jungle Girl
List: Original 26 Tarzan First Edition Books & dates: Prasinov art
Art: La of Opar (title by Larry Hancks)
Fantasy Collector (ads and art: Coye, Bode)
Art: Tarzan climbing vine
List 11 original Barsoom Books ~ JC art 
Art: Tarzan falling
List: 6 Pellucidar & 4 Amtor Books ~ Beast men art
Art: Eternal Lover: Rescue Na-tul form Tur
List: Misc. 22 Books ~ b/w hero and colour reject of #65 cover
Art: 2 paintings: Ka-Goda and Mbonga art from TA
Art: Tarzan the Fearless ~ croc fight
Zdenek Burian
Jim Garrison
Jim Garrison
Dave Prosser
R. Schwartz
Stan Taylor
Jim Jones
Pit Capili
Zdenek Burian
Paul Privitera
69 ~ April 1973
Sea Serpent & Pterodactyl
By Pardee and Broadhurst
Inside: Tarzan & William Clayton
Czech TA art by Zdenek Burian

Castle of Alemtejo
By Larry Hancks
Inside: Tarzan, Porter & Philander
By Zdenek Burian

Daughter of Siva ~ MacDonald art
Art: 4 JG covers: ERB, Dutch,Sweden, Ace
Art: Jungle Girl: "clear view of Prang's face"
Art: Jungle Girl ~ 2-page ~ "tiger wheeled about"
Fantasy Collector (ads and art)
Whitman Tarzan Giveaway Books with 6 covers
Art: Tarzan in Caspak comic page
Lost Tales of the SF mags & Index by L. Anderson & 
Art: pulp cover Argosy July 31, 1931
Pulp Classics 3. Drink We Deep by Arthur Leo Zagat
Lost Cities XV: Castle of Alemetejo ~ series index
Robert Kudlay
4 artists
Russ Manning
Don Thompson
Robert Weinberg
John F. Roy
70 ~ May 1973
Tarzan battles Numa
By Harry Habblitz
Inside: Jane's Abduction
By  Zdenek Burian

Sowers of the Thunder: Howard
Roy Krenkel cover art
Inside: Tarzan and Jane
By  Zdenek Burian

Art: Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County DJ
"I think I shall write a Western..." ERB letters
Art: Tarzan's Magic Fountain Window card
Fantasy Collector (ads and art)
Lost Cities of Tarzan XVI (conc): Chichen Itza
Art: Lost Cities: Chichen Itza
Lord of the Leopards: by Webster: Review ~ with Maret art 2
F.A.M. Webster Bibliographic Notes
Pulp Cover: Amazing August 1947: 
Pulp Classics: So Shall Ye Reap by Rog Phillips Aug 1947
House of Info & Corresp: New pubs ~ Roy letter, Raleigh Hotel
JC Burroughs
Lex Barker
John F. Roy
Larry Francks
Allan Howard
John Eggeling
R. Weinberg
71 ~ June 1873
Western Riders
Painting by JC Burroughs
Inside: Teen Cowboy
Photo of ERB

1915 Portrait
Photo ERB
Inside: 1929 Tarzana
Photo: ERB on Horse

Kaor!: Terrible Tenderfoot Pt. 1
Terrible Tenderfoot Installment 1
Thrilling Adventures 1940 Title page: Murphy art
Art: Tenderfoot pulp illustrations & chapter headings
ERB: Creator of Tarzan pulp sidebar: text and photo
Fantasy Collector (ads and art: Manning, Frazetta)
Amtorian alphabet
"May Tarzan of the Apes Swing Forever": Portsmouth 72.11.16
Art: Pulp cover: Thrilling Adventures March 1940


ER Burroughs
ER Burroughs
G.A. Murphy
Pulp editors
ER Burroughs


72 ~ July 1973
Tenderfoot pulp art coloured
By C.M. Murphy
Inside: Pg 1: Summary Ch.X

Promo for next installment
Inside Text ~ no art

The Terrible Tenderfoot II
Tenderfoot Chapters X-XVII: Murphy art
Fantasy Collector (ads and art)

E.R. Burroughs
73 ~ September 1973
Tenderfoot pulp art coloured
By C.M Murphy
Inside: Text summary & intro

Red Indian 
Painting by JC Burroughs
Tarzana Office front lot
Photo of ERB in tree

The Terrible Tenderfoot III
Tenderfoot Chapters XVIII-XXVII: Murphy art
Fantasy Collector (ads and art)

E.R. Burroughs
74 ~ November 1973
Tarzan and Apes
By Jeff Jones

A Tale of Two John Carters
Poem by L. Sprague de Camp
art by C.P. Privitera
Inside: Meeting of Author & Actor
Photo of Buster Crabbe & ERB

Kaor! Inroducing New ERB-dom & Info
Tarzan or the Constricted Knight: Lacassin Treatise review
Art: 5 colour pieces: Burian, Gaughan, Arting, Prosser
Russ Manning: dedicated art ~ photo with dog
8 Manning Tarzan Sundays: 71.04.11-71-05-30
Fantasy Collector
Ad & Art: JC of Barsoom in Ballantine Books
Art: Tarzan and Tantor water colour
Art: Tarzan on Tantor oil
Art: Tarzan of the Apes acrylic  painting
Ad: Tarzan the Fearless: Buster Crabbe 1933 colour


Paul Spencer
Many artists
Russ Manning
Russ Manning
R. Spurgin
J. Sanders
G.M. Farley
C.P. Privitera


75 ~ February 1974
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar
Painting by J. Allen St. John
Inside: Tarzan Lithograph
By Claude Georges

John Carter Superstar
Painting by Roland Trenary
Amtor Beasts: Tharban & animal
By Neal MacDonald, Jr.
Photo: John F. Roy with books

House of Info: Caspak film, Maps, Maxon & Morris die
Photo: Glenn Morris & ERB: on Tarzan's Revenge set 1937
John Carter Superstar ~ 3 oils by Roland Trenary
Art: Tarzan and Bird Man (Tarzan in the Lost Land)
8 Manning Sundays (Tarzan in Pal-ul-don) 71.06.06-71.07.25
Fantasy Collector (ads and art)
A Language for Opa: art: RG Kenkel, St. John, 2 Garrisons
Photo: Tarzan pose on rocks by NM


Caz & Hancer
ERB, Inc.
Patrick Dearen
Russ Manning
PJ Farmer
Neal MacDonald


KAOR!  ERB-dom lives on as Pulpdom!  Published “on line only”, Pulpdom!, Son of ERB-dom magazine, continues the celebration of ERB and his creations with short, medium and long illustrated articles about TARZAN, Pal-ul-don, the movies, BARSOOM, the new sequel books, the comics, the pastiches, nearly everything. 

Send me an email at and I’ll send you all 12 issues in pdf, or go to and read #12 free, just published. I believe the enjoyment of the worlds of ERB should be revisited, discussed and relived every few months, and that’s what Pulpdom does. ERB is more than a bookshelf of his works extensively indexed and listed with footnotes.  Have more fun, view Pulpdom Online at   ERB-dom & Caz still live, oh yes we do!

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