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Volume 0111

Tarzan the Terrible

The Poetry of India Boone Grow


A small flame reflects
On her sleek, black fur
Velvet soft and
Midnight pure.

Sinuous tail
Floating out behind,
A fifth limb that
Protects her kind.

Covering her breasts
Is hammered gold
While Jato-skin
Her loins enfold.

Proud, firey Waz-don,
Beautiful "she"
From the Land-of-Man
Is Pan-at-lee.

Other Poems Exploring The Fantasy Realms Of
Edgar Rice Burroughs
India Boone Grow

Nu, the Son of Nu

A name so full of magic that it captivates me.
A voice out of the past belonging to a memory.
A quick, bold smile and flashing eyes...
A hopeful dream of days gone by.

From the memory of times that were
Springs the image of a man so daring and sure.
A man once the most dearly beloved,
Of all that peopled the world that was.

Since before Adam and Eve he's been in my mind --
So tall and handsome; loving and kind.
No man has had greater faith as a lure;
No greater devotion in a breast ever stirred.

Out of the past, through the ions, he came --
A half remembered form; half remembered name.
Struggling his way down the long path of Fate,
But God help us both, for he's come too late.

To Dak Kova

Forty-three million miles away
On a planet up in the sky
There lives a fearsome, warlike race
That does not fear to die.

A more savage horde of beings
Never walked beneath two moons,
And the cruelest and most heartless
Is Dak Kova of Warhoon.

Fifteen feet he stands from head to foot,
With skin of olive green --
And quite the most fearsome face
I'm sure you've ever seen.

Blood red eyes show ferocity
And only one ear's intact
One broken tusk, snow-china white
Will frighten the bravest back.

Dried human hands and naked skulls
Are worn around his neck.
A wild, proud being who has won
The title of "Jeddak."

But deep inside him's an emptyness
That never can be filled
By looting, burning, or laughing at
Some creature that he's killed

He can never know emotion,
Never love, or hope, or fear.
Never know the beauty in sunrise
Or have a mate who's dear.

A loveless creature: loveless fate
Living in a world of hate
He knows no emotion nor cares for time
His one desire... to destroy mankind.

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