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August 14 - December 16: 
Tarzan the Terrible is written. Munsey's buys it for $3,000. 
February 12 - March 27: 
Tarzan the Terrible is serialized in seven parts in Argosy All-Story  Weekly. 
June 20: 
Tarzan the Terrible is published by McClurg. 
August 23: 
German publisher Tauchnitz requests permission to publish Jungle Tales of 
Tarzan, instead of  Tarzan the Terrible which has strong anti-German content.
October 19: 
Tarzan the Terrible serial ends in the British magazine, Ideas. 

Read Tarzan the Terrible Online
I  The Pithecanthropus
II  "To the Death!"
III  Pan-at-lee
IV  Tarzan-jad-guru
V  In the Kor-ul-gryf
VI  The Tor-o-don
VII  Jungle Craft
VIII  A-lur
IX  Blood-stained Altars
X  The Forbidden Garden
XI  The Sentence of Death
XII  The Giant Stranger
XIII The Masquerador
XIV  The Temple of the Gryf
XV  "The King is Dead!"
XVI  The Secret Way
XVII  By Jad-bal-lul
XVIII  The Lion Pit of Tu-lur
XIX  Diana of the Jungle
XX Silently in the Night
XXI  The Maniac
XXII  A Journey on a Gryf
XXIII  Taken Alive
XXIV  The Messenger of Death
XXV  Home
Upon the outbreak of WWI, Tarzan's estate in Western Kenya was devastated by a renegade German raiding party under the command of Hauptmann Friedrich (Fritz) Schneider who took Lady Greystoke prisoner. He then ordered a small detachment of native troops led by Lt. Erich Obergatz to take her into the interior where Jane was incarcerated in an isolated native village. Tarzan trailed them to the village where he found evidence that the native soldiers had been cannibalized but that Obertgatz and Lady Greystoke had escaped to the south.

The ape-man travels through a great thorn desert and deep swamps and arrives at the incredible land of Pal-ul-don where he encounters prehistoric beasts and two rival races of tailed humans: the Waz-don and the Ho-don. The black, fur-covered Waz-don live in caves located in a steep cliff face in the Gorge-of-Lions (Kor-ul-ja). The caves can only be reached through the use of pegs which the climbers insert in a maze of holes in the perpendicular rock wall. The white, hairless Ho-don live in the City of Light (A-lur) which they have carved horizontally out of a cluster of low limestone hills. Tarzan-jad-gur ("the terrible") convinces the tailed humans that he is the son of their tailless god. After many adventures he finds Jane imprisoned in the Temple of the Gryfs (triceratops) and eventually with the last minute assistance of Korak, they escape the "Land of Man".

A WHOs WHO & WHEREs WHERE of Pal-ul-don
Ab-on ~~ Acting gund of Kor-ul-ja
A-lur ~~ City of light
An-un ~~ Father of Pan-at-lee
Bu-lot ~~ (Moon Face) Son of chief Mo-sar
Bu-lur ~~ (Moon City) City of the Waz-ho-don
Dak-at ~~ Chief of a Ho-don village
Dak-lot ~~ One of Ko-tan's palace warriors
Dor-ul-Otho ~~ (Son of God) Tarzan
Es-sat ~~ (Rough Skin) Chief of Om-at's tribe of hairy blacks
Gryf ~~ Triceratops
Ho-don ~~ Hairless white men of Pal-ul-don
Id-an ~~ One of Pan-at-lee's two brothers
In-sad & O-dan ~~ Kor-ul-ja warriors accompanying
            Tarzan, Om-at, and Ta-den in search of Pan-at-lee
In-tan ~~ Kor-ul-lul left to guard Tarzan
Ja ~~ Lion
Jad-bal-lul ~~ The golden lake
Jad-ben-lul ~~ The big lake
Jad-ben-Otho ~~ The Great God
Jad-guru-don ~~ The terrible man
Jad-in-lul ~~ The dark lake
Ja-don ~~ (The lion man) Chief of a Ho-don village &
            father of Ta-den
Jad Pele ul Jad-ben-Otho ~~ The valley of the Great God
Jal-lur ~~ (Lion City) Ja-don's capital
Jar-don ~~Name given Korak by Om-at
Jato ~~ Saber-tooth hybrid
Kor-ul-gryf ~~ Gorge of the gryf
Kor-ul-ja ~~ Es-sat's gorge and tribe
Korul-lul ~~ Another Waz-don gorge and tribe
Ko-tan  ~~ King of the Ho-don
Lu-don ~~ High priest of A-lur
Mo-sar ~~ Chief and pretender
O-lo-a ~~ Ko-tan's daughter
Om-at ~~ (Long Tail) A black
Pal-e-don-so ~~ (Place where men eat) Banquet Hall
Pal-ul-don ~~ The Land of Man
Pal-ul-ja ~~ Land of lions
Pan-at-lee ~~ Om-at's sweetheart
Pan-sat ~~ A priest
Ta-den ~~ (Tall Tree) A white
TARZAN-JAD-GURU ~~ Tarzan the Terrible
Tor-o-don Beastlike man
Tul-lur ~~ Mo-sar's city
Waz-don ~~ The hairy black men of Pal-ul-don
Waz-ho-don ~~ (black white men) Mixed race

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