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Dell Comic Covers 60-79 are featured at 
ERB Comics Gallery 4
Tarzan and the Bolas of Monga
Boy Plays Hide and Seek
(Mabu: Arrival)
 Brothers of the Spear
"A World Famous Adventurer" printed on cover
Tarzan's World, pacco the zebra, inside front cover
Sheaffer Pen ad on back cover 

Tarzan and the Pearls of Promise
Tarzan and Boy in The Man From the Sky
(The Greatest Magic)
b&w: Tarzan's World - Pal-Ul-Don - inside front cover
ill: Jungle World -- 'Gryf'
Brothers of the Spear

Tarzan Meets Ambush in Kor-ul-gryph
      Tarzan and Boy and the White Crocodile
(Victory Over Fear)
    ill: Jungle Friends (boy w/ crested rat & porcupine)
Brothers of the Spear 

Tarzan and the Lost Eagle
Tarzan and Boy in The Canoe Safari
(The Song)
ill: Tarzan's World (Hadji [friend] & green orchid)
Brothers of the Spear

Tarzan and the Man from Nevada (JM)
Tarzan and Boy and the Blue Raiders
(Mabu's Secret Secret)
Tarzan's Friends - JM page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

Tarzan and the War of the Dyals
Tarzan and Boy in the Tooth of M'Bogo
(A Gift For Memba)
ill: The Lost Land - Kronosaurus
Brothers of the Spear

Tarzan and The Trek of the Bolgani (JM)
Tarzan and Boy in Yo Mangani (JM)
(Mabu: The White Man's Way)
The Education of Boy - A Music Lesson - JM page
Anteaters to the Rescue - JM inside back page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

Tarzan and the Wrestlers of Baronga
Tarzan and Boy Hunt the King Leopard
(At the Hut of Chatanga)
Brothers of the Spear

The Queen of Cat Mountain
Tarzan and the Trickery of Imoko
  (The Story of Abubu)
ill: Loma's Hunting Cat
b&w: The Killer Palnt of Pal-Ul-Don (inside back cover)
Brothers of the Spear

Tarzan and The Fury of Tantor (JM)
Tarzan and Boy and the Crocodile Trap
(Mabu: Great Trouble)
Did You Know... (Giraffes) - JM page
in Africa? - JM page
Who Wouldn't Enjoy a Dance Like This? - JM inside back page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

Tarzan Guards a Hostage (JM)
Tarzan and The Pygmy Elephants (JM)
(Mabu: On the Leopard's Trail)
The Royal Antelope - JM page
Jungle Engineer - JM page
The Dance - JM inside back page
Brothers of the Spear

Tarzan and The Plague of Lions (JM)
Tarzan and the Jungle Changelings (JM)
(Mabu: The Rescue)
Brothers of the Spear

Tarzan and The Sable Lion (JM)
Tarzan and The Plumes of Victory (JM)
(Mabu: Farewell to Chatanga)
Bush Baby & Boy - JM page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

Tarzan and The Loot of Agib (JM)
Tarzan and The Roaring Gorge (JM)
(Mabu: An Evil Spirit)
Hearing Aids... - JM page
Brothers of the Spear

Tarzan and The White Bull (JM)
Tarzan and The Winged Men (JM)
(Mabu: A New Undertaking)
Hurdle Champion - JM page
Jane's Bark Cloth Wardrobe - JM inside back cover
Brothers of the Spear

Eagles of Engani
Tarzan and the Jungle Misfits
(The Cheetah Cubs)
1/2 ill: Call the Doctor (witch doctor)
Brothers of the Spear

Tarzan and The Elephant's Child (JM)
Tarzan and Borok (RM)
(Mabu: The Sound)
The Leopard and the Panther - JM page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

Tarzan: The City in the Sands (JM)
Tarzan: The Golden Men (JM)
(Mabu: Danger in the Night)
Fun for Baby JM page
Carrying a Spare? - JM inside back cover
Brothers of the Spear (RM) 

Tarzan and The Ivory Poachers (JM)
Tarzan Tracks a Little Warrior (JM)
(Mabu: Not Even the Gods)
Old Rubberneck (Gerenuk) - JM inside front cover
The Village Smithy - JM page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

Tarzan and The Black Cloaks (JM)
Tarzan: Buto Takes a Vow (JM)
(Mabu: The Gods Speak)
Jungle Candy - JM page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)
Dell Comic Covers 80-99 are featured at ERB Comics Gallery 5
80 (GS)
Tarzan and the Thirsty Sands (JM)
Tarzan and the Lonesome Cub (JM)
(Mabu: Two Small Stories)
Tarzan's World (Tsetse Fly) - JM page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

81 (GS)
Tarzan and The Beasts of Mokar (JM)
Tarzan and the Wall of Fire (JM)
(Mabu: Friendship is a Treasure)
First in the Dictionary (Aardvark) - JM page
Forest Folk - JM inside back cover
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

82 (GS)
Tarzan in he Chasms of Opar (JM)
Tarzan in the Nandi's Den (JM)
(Mabu: The Words of Tamai)
Good Neighbors - JM page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

83 (GS)
Tarzan and the Channel Pirates (JM)
Tarzan and the Stranger from Pal-Ul-Don (JM)
(Mabu: The Lion Hunt Dance)
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

84 (GS)
Tarzan and the Eye of Thoth (JM)
Tarzan and the Hunting Pack (JM)
(Mabu: Of A Feast and Devils)
Not Real Horns (Rhino) - JM page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

85 (GS)
Tarzan and the Windmill of Maun Gah (JM)
Tarzan and the Missing War Canoe (JM)
(Mabu's Warning)
Boy and Wart Hog - JM page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

86 (GS)
Tarzan and the Mutineers (JM)
Tarzan and the Policemen From Nairobi (RM)
(Mabu: A Strange Night)
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

87 (GS)
Tarzan in The Messenger from Jorah (JM)
Tarzan and The Snow Men of Gourambi (JM)
(Mabu: The Copper Necklace Offering)
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

88 (GS)
Tarzan and The Guarded Treasure (JM)
Tarzan and the Search (JM)
(Mabu: Only Another Memory)
Thipdars of Pal-ul-don  - JM 1/2 page
Brothers of the Spear

89 (GS)
Tarzan and the Smoking Valley (JM)
Tarzan and the Pygmy Problem (JM)
(Mabu: At the Mid-Day Pause)
Tarzan and the Cheetah - JM inside front cover
Strange Partners - JM 1/2 page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

90 (GS)
Tarzan's Risk (JM)
Tarzan: Voice of Conscience (JM)
(Mabu: Lesson for a Cub)
Rhino's Cousin - JM 1/2 page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

91 (GS)
Tarzan and the Thunder of Hoofs (JM)
Tarzan and The Secret Playground
(Mabu: Help for Kaino)
Nandi Bear of Pal-ul-don -- JM 1/2 page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

92 (GS)
Tarzan and The Queen's Luck (JM)
Tarzan and the Cattle Raiders (JM)
(Mabu: A Night for Stories)
Boy's Friend, The Shrew - JM page
Bongo - JM inside back cover
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

93 (GS)
Tarzan in the Quest for the Ivory Ring (JM)
Tarzan and the Lost Elephant (JM)
(Mabu: Of A Dream and the Zulus)
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

94 (GS)
Tarzan and The Watchers (JM)
Tarzan in The Valley of Shadows
(Mabu: Elephant Trap)
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

95 (GS)
Tarzan and The Angry Mountain (JM)
Tarzan and the Vanishing Race (JM)
(Mabu: More About Zulus)
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

96 (GS)
Tarzan and The Tall Stranger (JM)
Tarzan in Trail of the Kite (JM)
(Mabu: The Cave)
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

97 (GS)
Tarzan and The Last Tyrant (JM)
Tarzan and the Young Feather Merchant (JM)
(Mabu: The Ghost Horn)
Sound Detectors? - JM 1/2 page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

98 (GS)
Tarzan in The Night of the Dragon (JM)
Tarzan and the Giant Guardian (JM)
(Mabu: The Elephant's Game)
Jungle Olympics & The Tuareg - JM page
Tarzan and Octopus - JM inside front cover
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

99 (GS)
Tarzan: Thunderbolt (JM)
Tarzan and the Young Hunters (JM)
(Mabu: The Crowning Thrill)
Brothers of the Spear (RM)
Dell Comic Covers 100-119 are featured at 
ERB Comics Gallery 6
100 (GS)
Tarzan in the Rifle of Tippoo Tib (JM)
Tarzan and Kifaru (JM)
(Mabu: Zulu Welcome)
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

101 (GS)
Tarzan: Warriors of the Staff (JM)
Tarzan: Traps a Rogue (JM)
(Mabu: A Zulu Feast)
Natural Glider JM inside front cover
Tarzan Sounds the Alarm - JM page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

102 (GS)
Tarzan and the White Peril (JM)
Tarzan and TheLeopard Cubs (JM)
(Mabu: Taromli son of Umtosi)
Boy Visits a Small Jungle Friend - JM page
Servant of Man (Camel) - JM inside back cover
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

103 (GS)
Tarzan and the Fall of Cathne (JM)
Tarzan and the Smoking Cliff (JM)
(Mabu: The Magic of the Water)
Manu the Monkey - JM inside front cover
Bolgani and Gray Ape - JM 1/2 page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

104 (GS)
Tarzan and the Voice of Moumamba (JM)
Tarzan in Flight Into Danger (JM)
(Mabu: How Strange the Gods)
The Good Gnus - JM inside front cover
Boy Grown Up? (Boy and Pygmy) - JM page
Brothers of the Spear

105 (GS)
Tarzan and the Eyes of Fire (JM)
Tarzan in The Scourge of the Jungle (JM)
(Mabu: Witch Doctor)
Swordplay in the Jungle (Tarzan & D'Arnot) - JM 1/2 page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

106 (GS)
Tarzan and the Prisoners of Castrum Mare (JM)
Tarzan in Boy's Fast Game (JM)
(Mabu: The Challenge)
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

107 (GS)
Tarzan in the Shrouded Valley of Monsters (JM)
Tarzan: Boy Leaves Home (JM)
(Mabu: Lion Hunt)
Public Servant (Vulture) - JM page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

108 (GS)
Tarzan and the Men of the Deep (JM)
Tarzan and Toto (JM)
(Mabu: Worry is for Weaklings)
Undersea Stroller (Hippopotamus) - JM inside front cover
Jungle Feast (Jane & Boy) - JM page
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

109 (GS)
Tarzan: Shifta's Captive (JM)
Tarzan: Fire Mountain (JM)
(Mabu's New Desire)
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

110 (GS)
Tarzan in The Fury of the Herd (JM)
Tarzan on Pirate Island (JM)
(Mabu: On a Giraffe Hunt)
Thipdars of Pal-ul-don - JM inside back cover
Brothers of the Spear (RM)

Tarzan: The Horned Men  (JM)
Tarzan: Stilt Walkers (JM)
(Mabu: A Strange Way to Hunt)
Brothers of the Spear: No Title (RM)

Strangers in Lost Pal-Ul-Don
Tarzan The Ring of Fire
(Farewell to the Zulus)
Brothers of the Spear

Tarzan in The Vengeance of N'Gogo (JM)
Tarzan in Invasion From Pal-Ul-Don (JM)
(Mabu: Along a Jungle Trail)
Brothers of the Spear: No Title (RM)

Tarzan: Valley of Lions
Dry Lake Adventure
Easy Living! JM chimp inside front cover
Dragon? - JM page
(Mabu: Trouble)
Brothers of the Spear: The Rescue in the Flood (RM)

The Slingers of Kroo Maun
Tarzan Trail by Combat
(Promise Fulfilled)
Brothers of the Spear

The Horns of Battle
Tarzan Stolen Rifle
(The Pepper Bird )
Brothers of the Spear: The Omen

Tarzan: Challenges the Ape King (JM)
Tarzan: Trouble on the Trail (JM)
(Mabu Meets the Krus)
Brothers of the Spear: The Enemies' Fate (RM)

Tarzan: Warriors of the Walled Valley (JM)
Tarzan: The Buffalo Cart (JM)
(Mabu: Evil Strikes)
Better Than Boy - JM page
Brothers of the Spear: The Fallen City (RM) 

The Proud Princess
Tarzan They Fly Through the Air
(Hamasai's Wisdom)
    1/2 ill: Mountain of the Moon (Tarzan and gorilla)
Brothers of the Spear: The Daring Rescue
Dell Comic Covers 120-131 are featured at ERB Comics Gallery 7
The Battle of the Bushmen
Tarzan and the Hunter's Trophy
(The Sasswood Ordeal)
ill: The Chief Dances
Brothers of the Spear: Dan-El and Natongo Meet Again

Nightmare in the Jungle
Tarzan The Horns of Plenty
(No Regrets)
    b&w: Tarzan's Jungle World (wooly mammoth)(inside back cover)
Brothers of the Spear: Tavane Leads Into Battle

Prince of Athne
Tarzan Gift for the Cliff Dwellers
(The Zambabwe Ruin)
Brothers of the Spear: Natongo's New Homeland)

Tarzan: The Tyrant of Munyoro
Tarzan: The Lion's Hut
(The Old, Old Man)
Tarzan: The Terror of Pal-ul-don
1/2 ill: Tarzan and Jad-Bal-Ja
Brothers of the Spear: New Country and Friends

The Savage Horde
The Cavern's Secret
Brothers of the Spear: Disaster!

Tarzan - Jungle Revolt
    Tarzan - Ambassador to Imanga
    Brothers of the Spear - Walls of Mystery 

Tarzan - Apes in Exile
    Tarzan - Sheetah Seeks Revenge
    BotS -- Besieged 

Tarzan - The Sportsman
    Tarzan - The Father of Apes
    BotS -- The Sortie 

Tarzan - The Shadow of Guilt
    Tarzan - Cast Up By the Sea
    BotS -- Dan-el Defends the Gap 

Tarzan - In the Caverns of Kor
    Tarzan - Fluke, Boy's Fishing Partner
    BotS -- The Tall Strange
    Tarzan - The Armor of Suleiman 

Tarzan - The Fountain of OPar
    BotS -- A Captive People
    Tarzan - Sneak Attack 

Tarzan - The Canyon of No Return
    Tarzan - The Monkey Cage
    BotS -- The Truth Herb
# 131 was the last Dell Tarzan comic published...
the series continued under the Gold Key Comics label.

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