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Huck's Barsoom Glossary Pt. 3
by J. G. Huckenpöhler

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TAL A Martian unit of time, 1/200 of a xat, or a little less than one second GM
TAL HAJUS Jeddak of Thark, killed by Tars Tarkas PM
TALU Rebel prince of Marentina and nephew of Salensus Oll, later Jeddak of Jeddaks of the North  WM
TAN One hundred SMM
TAN GAMA A warrior among the Warhoons of the South GM
TAN HADRON A noble of Hastor, a padwar in the 5th Utan of the 11th Dar of the 91st Umak of Helium FMM
TANPI A Martian gold coin, worth about one dollar LG
TANUS Gatholian warrior aboard the Vanator CM
TARA OF HELIUM Daughter of John Carter and Dejah and wife of Gahan, Jed of Gathol CM
TARDOS MORS Jeddak of Helium and grandfather of Dejah Thoris PM
TARIDS A nation of white men of Ladan (Thuria). They have the power of making themselves invisible by hypnotic suggestion, and thus have maintained the castle which is their last stronghold. Their hair and eyebrows are blue. SwM
TARIO Jeddak of Lothar TMM
TARS TARKAS A warrior of Thark, later Jeddak of Thark. John Carter's oldest and best friend on Mars PM
TASOR A Gatholian noble, padwar in the guard of the Jeddak of Manator CM
TAVIA Princess of Tjanath, daughter of Kal Tavan, and wife of Tan Hadron of Hastor FMM
TEEAYTAN-OV (Eleven hundred seven) A synthetic man SMM
TEEDWAR A military rank, roughly equivalent to a colonel FMM
TEEPI A Martian silver coin, worth about ten cents LG
An art gallery in Greater Helium CM
The heliumetic national library and archives FMM
The supreme courtroom of Helium, located on the Avenue of the Ancestors. It is here that Martian justice is meted out to benefactor and malefactor GM
A prison in the Land of the First Born. It lies far within the inner court of the Temple of Issus, a little temple that raises a thin spire far above the spires and minarets of the temple that surrounds it. Beneath, in the ground, lies the main body of the temple consisting in 68 7 circular chambers, one below another. To each chamber a single corridor leads through solid rock. As the entire temple revolves once with each revolution of Barsoom about the sun, but once each year does the entrance to each separate chamber come opposite the mouth of the corridor which forms its only link with the outer world. GM
TENTH CYCLE A rank among the Holy Therns GM
THABIS Major-domo of Issus  GM
THAN A warrior. The term applies either to a sailor or a soldier LG
THAN KOSIS Jeddak of Zodanga PM
THAR BAN A Jed among the hordes of Torquas TMM
THARK Ancient city and empire of green men. The horde is over 30,000 strong, and roams an immense tract of arid and semiarid land between forty and eighty degrees south latitude, and bounded on the east and west by two large fertile tracts. The capital of this empire is located in the southwest corner of this district, near the crossing of two canals. The empire comprises 25 communities, of whom five make their headquarters at the capital PM
THAVIS Island and castle in the Toonolian Marshes, near the city of Toonol. Site of the ancestral estate of Ras Thavas MMM
THERNS The remnant of the white race at the south pole, forming a priesthood. They are bald form birth, and wear auburn wigs  GM
Barsoom's most beautiful melody GM
THOAT A green Martian mount. It is ten feet high at the shoulder, with four legs on either side, and a broad, flat tail, larger at the tip than at the root. The gaping mouth splits its head form the snout to the long, massive neck. It is entirely devoid of hair and is of a dark slate color and exceedingly smooth and glossy. It has a white belly and the legs are shaded from slate at the shoulders and hips to a vivid yellow at the feet. The feet themselves  are heavily padded and nailless. A smaller species is ridden by the red men
Also, a jetan piece, represented by a mounted warrior with three feathers. Moves one space straight and one diagonal
THORIAN A title of leadership among the lesser Therns GM
A circular platform in the courtroom of the Temple of Reward in Greater Helium. The 31 judges are seated around the periphery of this platform, and the Pedestal of Truth is at the center GM
THROXEUS Mightiest of the five oceans of ancient Mars. Also, Throxus TMM
THURD Ancient city and horde of green men, inimical to Torquas TMM
THURIA Phobos, the nearer moon, about ten miles in diameter. It revolves around the planet at a distance of about 3,700 miles from the surface. It appears to rise in the west and set in the east, with a period of 11 hours 6 minutes from moonrise to moonrise, or 4 hours 18 minutes from moonrise to moonset. See Appendix: "The Martian Moons."
Also, personal flier of Astok, Prince of Dusar
THURIAN TOWER One of the Towers of Jetan in Manator CM
THURID A Dator among the Black Pirates of the Valley Dor GM
THUVAN DIHN Jeddak of Ptarth and father of Thuvia WM
THUVIA Princess of Ptarth, daughter of Thuvan Dihn, and wife of Carthoris GM
TJANATH A city and kingdom of red men, about 6,000 haads southwest of Xanator FMM
TOONOL A city and empire of red men, 1800 miles east of Phundahl, and situated at the eastern end of the Toonolian Marshes  MMM
A great  swampy area in the northwestern quadrant, lying between Toonol and Phundahl. The marshes extend almost 1800 miles east and west and in some places have a width of 300 miles. They are commanded by Phundahl at their western end and Toonol on the east MMM
TOR-DUR-BAR (Four million eight) a synthetic man SMM
TOR HATAN A general of Helium, Odwar of the 91st Umak, and commanding officer of Tan Hadron FMM
TORITH An officer among the Black Pirates, guard at the submarine pool in Omean GM
TORKAR BAR Dwar of the Kaolian Road WM
TORQUAS Ancient city and horde of green men. It lies northwest of Aaanthor, in a vast mountain country little known to the red men, south of Dusar and about 7,000 haads from Helium TMM
Ras Thavas' laboratory, a complex of buildings on his estate in the Toonolian Marshes, near Toonol MMM
A complex of buildings in Manator where prisoners are held pending the jetan games. The buildings entirely surround the Fields of Jetan CM
TREE OF LIFE A legendary tree which flourished in the center of the Valley Dor 23 million years ago. For countless ages the fruit of this tree underwent the gradual changes of evolution, passing by degrees from true plant to a combination of plant and animal. In the first stages the fruit of the tree possessed only the power of independent muscular action, while the stem remained attached to the parent plant; later a brain developed in the fruit, so that hanging there by their long stems they thought and moved as individuals. Then with the development of perceptions came a comparison of them, and thus reason and the power to reason were born upon Barsoom. Many forms of life came and went upon the tree with the passing ages, but still all were attached to the parent plant by stems. At length the fruit of the tree consisted in tiny plant men, still attached to the tree. The buds from which the plant men blossomed reassembled large nuts about a foot in diameter, divided by double partition walls into four sections. In one section grew the plant man, in another a sixteen-legged worm, in the third the progenitor of the white ape and in the fourth the primeval human. When the bud burst the plant man remained dangling at the end of his stem, but the other sections fell to the ground, where the efforts of their imprisoned occupants to escape sent them hopping about in all directions. Thus, as time went on, all Barsoom was covered with these imprisoned creatures. For countless ages, they lived their long lives within their hard shells, spreading to cover the whole planet. Countless billions died before the first man broke through into the light of day. Prompted by curiosity, he broke open other shells and the peopling of Barsoom commenced. All forms of life upon Barsoom are believed to be descended from these three. GM
TUL AXTAR Jeddak of Jahar  FMM
TUN GAN Name taken by Tor-dur-bar after receiving the body of Gantun Gur, the assassin of Amhor SMM
TUR The god worshipped by the people of Phundahl. According to them, his home is upon the sun. One hundred thousand  years ago, they believe, he created Barsoom, round and flat, tossed it out into space. MMM
TURAN Alias of Gahan of Gathol  CM
TURGAN The bible of the Phundahlians, supposedly written by Tur MMM
TURJUN Alias of  Carthoris of Helium TMM
TURQUOISE TOWER A tower in the castle of the Tarids on Thuria SwM
TWIN CITIES Greater and Lesser Helium. They lie about 75 miles apart, some 30o south of the equator and over 1900 miles west of Zodanga PM

U DAN A warrior from Zor SMJ
U-DOR A noble of Manator, dwar of the 8th Utan CM
U-GOR A province of the Empire of Jahar, in which the population was reduced to cannibalism and savagery by overpopulation. It lies about 1,000 haads southeast of Jahar and about 2,000 haads southwest of Xanator, and about 7,000 haads almost due south of Gathol  FMM
U-KAL Alias used by Gahan in Mantor CM
ULAH A slave girl in the castle of the Terids on Thuria SwM
ULDAK An assassin of Zodanga SwM
ULSIO A Marian rat. It is a fierce and unlovely thing, many-legged (St. John draws them with six legs) and hairless, its hide resembling that of a new-born mouse in repulsiveness. In size and weight it is comparable to a large Airedale terrier. Its eyes are small and close-set, and almost hidden in deep, fleshy apertures. Its most ferocious and repulsive feature is its jaws, the entire bony structure of which protrudes several inches beyond the flesh, revealing five sharp, spadelike teeth in the upper jaw and the same number in the lower, the whole suggesting the appearance of a rotting face from which much of the flesh has sloughed away. Its only weapons are its jaws since its broad, splay feet are armed only with blunt talons. With its protruding jaws it excavates its winding burrows and with its broad feet it pushes the dirt behind it.
Another species, similar to the above, has only three legs and is much more intelligent, having a communal organization and building huts of mud, gravel, and bones.
UL-TO A Panar warrior LG
UL VAS  Jeddak of the Tarids of Thuria  SwM
UMAK A military unit of 10,000 men, commanded by an odwar FMM
UMKA A Masena or cat-man of Thuria, imprisoned with John Carter by the Tarids SwM
UMPALLA A Jovian plant. It consists of a simple, leafless stock, a foot or two tall, bearing a single fuzzy blossom at the top. It is used by the independent Savators to mark the location of their invisible houses SMJ
UNCLE BEN The author's body servant (colored). Also known as Old Ben GM
UR JAN Head of the Assassins' Guild of Zodanga SwM
UR RAJ A Heliumetic officer, imprisoned in the zoo of Jal Had of Amhor SMM
USA A Martian fruit tree. The fruit is almost tasteless and is considered to be palatable only after having been cooked and highly spiced. It grows easily with little irrigation and the trees bear abundantly. The fruit, which ranks high in food value, is one of the staple foods of the less well-to-do, and because of its cheapness and nutritive value forms one of the principal rations of both armies and navies upon Barsoom, a use which has won for it a Martian sobriquet which, freely translated into English, would be, The Fighting Potato  CM
URTAN A military unit of 100 men, commanded by a dwar GM
UTHIA Slave girl of Tara of Helium CM
U-THOR The Great Jed of Mantos CM
U-VAN A warrior of Manator CM

VAD VARO Name given to Ulysses Paxton by Ras Thavas MMM
VAJA A princess of Zor, and cousin of Multis Par SMJ
VAL DOR A warrior of Helium, enslaved in Manator CM
VALLA DIA Princess of Duhor, daughter of Kor San, and wife of Ulysses Paxton MMM
The plain between Greater and Lesser Helium JCGM
A section of the Otz Valley, around the canyon of the Iss, inhabited by those who turned aside at the last minute from their pilgrimage to the Valley Dor and cannot return to the outside world  WM
A sunken, fertile valley some 2,500 haads southwest of Horz, inhabited by Black Pirates. Kamtol is the capital and major city LG
VANATOR Cruiser under Gahan of Gathol CM
VANDOR Alias used by John Carter in Zodanga SwM
VAN-TIJA: A black woman of Kamtol, wife of Nastor LG
VANUMA Oldest wife of Jal Had of Amhor SMM
VAS KOR A noble of Dusar TMM
VOBIS KAN Jeddak of Toonol MMM
VOR DAJ A young padwar in the guard of the Warlord SMM
VORION A warrior among the Morgors of Jupiter SMJ
VOSAR An airship belonging to Ras Thavas MMM

WARHOON An ancient city and horde of green men in the Southern hemisphere PM
WARRIOR A jetan piece, represented by a soldier with two feathers. Moves two spaces in any direction, straight or diagonally  CM
WHITE APES Manlike creatures inhabiting the deserted cities of Mars. They are ten to fifteen feet tall, standing erect, and have an intermediary set of arms or legs, midway between their upper and lower limbs. They are white and hairless except for an enormous shock of bristly hair upon the head. The ears are set high and laterally located, while the snout and teeth are strangely like those of an African gorilla PM
WOLAK A slave in the household of Fal Sivas SwM
WOOLA John Carter's calot PM

XANATOR An ancient seaport on the Gulf of Torquas, about 2,000 haads southwest of Torquas, now occupied by the Torquasians  FMM
XAT A Martian unit of time, equal to 1/50 of a zode, or about three minutes GM
XAXA Jeddara of Phundahl. An ignorant, arrogant old termagant, with a scarred face MMM
XAXAK A Dator among the Black Pirates of Kamtol LG
XAVARIAN A Heliumetic battleship GM
XODAR A Dator among the Black Pirates of the Valley  Dor. Later Jeddak of the First Born of the Valley Dor  GM

YAMDOR The body servant of Ras Thavas, allegedly the result of an experiment combining the body of a man with the brain of a woman MMM
YANO A game of chance, played by rolling tiny numbered spheres at a group of numbered holes FMM
YERSTED The commander of the submarine of the Black Pirates of the Valley Dor GM
YO SENO An officer in the palace of the Tjanath, the keeper of the keys FMM

ZAD A warrior of Thark PM
ZAMAK An officer among the Tarids of Thuria SwM
ZANDA A woman from Zodanga, wife of Jat Or SwM
ZAN DAR A Savator or blue man of Jupiter, from the land of Zanor SMJ
ZANOR A mountainous island on Jupiter, remote from the lands of the Morgors and unconquered by them SMJ
ZAT ARRRAS Jed of Zodanga after its conquest by Helium and regent of Helium in the absence of Tardos Mors, Mors Kajak, and Carthoris  GM
ZITHAD A black pirate,  Dator of the Guards of Issus  GM
ZITIDAR City and Empire of red men, 1900 miles east of Helium. The walls of the city are 75 feet high and 50 feet thick. The Zolangans for years waged a ruthless campaign of extermination against the green man, until conquered by an alliance of Helium and Thark. The city lies at latitude 30o south, longitude 17o east . PM
ZODE A Martian unit of time, equal to 1/10 of a day, or about two hours twenty-eight minutes. The Martian day is a trifle over 24 hours, 37 minutes in length (Earth time). The first zode commences at about six a.m. Earth time GM
ZOR A city and nation of red men conquered by Helium and about 380 miles southwest of it  SMJ
ZUKI A warrior of Gooli  SMM
ZU TITH The tyrannical Jed of Zor, overthrown when Helium annexed the city SMJ

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