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Huck's Barsoom Glossary Pt. 2
by J. G. Huckenpöhler
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LADAN Phobos (Thuria), in the language of the Tarids SwM
LAKOR A Holy Thern in the guard of Matai Shang WM
LAN-O A Princess of Gathol, enslaved in Manator CM
LAN SOHN WEN A dwar in the army of Horz, commanding the first Utan of the Jeddak's guard LG
LAROK A warrior and artificer of Dusar TMM
LEE UM LO An ancient embalmer of Horz LG
LESSER HELIUM The second city of the Heliumetic Empire, situated about 75 miles from Greater Helium, and about 5,000 miles southeast of Horz. Its major landmark is a tower of bright yellow, nearly a mile high. PM
LLANA OF GATHOL Daughter of Tara of Helium and Gahan, Jed of Gathol LG
LORQUAS PTOMEL A Jed among the Tharks PM
LOTHAR A lost city of ancient Mars, inhabited by a remnant of the auburn-haired white race which ruled Mars in the distant past. The gate is circular and rolls to one side, into an aperture in the wall, thus the city must be incredibly ancient. It lies within the boundaries of Torquas, and over 8,000 haads southwest of Helium. The army consists of phantom bowmen, which the inhabitants cause to appear to their enemies by mental suggestion. TMM
LOTHARIAN HILLS Name by which the Mountains of Torquas are known to the inhabitants of Lothar TMM
LUM TAR O An ancient hypnotist in the pits of Horz LG
LUUD A community of Kaldanes CM

MALAGOR A giant Martian bird, long believed to be extinct SMM
MANATAJ The farthest city of Manator CM
MANATOR City and empire of red men, north of Bantoom, and about 22lo west of Gathol, which is the nearest country. The Manatorians are an ancient  people, having neither firearms or fliers. Jetan is the national passion, and it is played on a giant field with human pieces battling to the death. CM
MANATOS The second city of Manator
MAN-FLOWER A Martian plant whose blooms have eyes and hands with which to see and seize the insects which form its diet WM
MAN-LAT An under-officer in the guard of Doxus, Jeddak of the First Born of Kemtol LG
MANTALIA The Martian milk plant. It is a large plant which grows practically without water, but seems to distill its plentiful supply of milk from the products of the soil, the moisture of the air, and the rays of the sun. A single plant of this species will give eight to ten quarts of milk per day. The milk is not unpleasant to the taste, though slightly acid, and is very highly prized FMM
MARENTINA City and principality of Okar  WM
MASENA The wild cat-men of Thuria (Phobos). They are arboreal cannibals, and have the ability to change the color of their skin to match their surroundings. The shape of the skull is similar to that of a human being. In the center of the forehead is a single, large eye, about three inches in diameter; the pupil is a vertical slit, like the pupils of a cat's eyes. The fingers and four of the toes on each foot are much longer than in the human race, while the thumbs and large toes are considerably shorter than the other digits and extend laterally at right angles to the hands and feet. They have two mouths, one directly above the other. The lower mouth, which is the larger, is lipless, the skin of the face forming the gums in which the teeth are set, with the result that the powerful white teeth are always exposed in a hideous deathlike grin. The upper mouth is round, with slightly protruding lips controlled by a sphincter-like muscle, and toothless. The nose is wide and flat, with upturned nostrils. The ears are two small orifices near the top of the head and at opposite sides. Starting slightly above the eye, a stiff, yellowish mane about two inches wide runs back along the center of the cranium. SwM
MATAI SHANG The Father of Therns; high priest and ruler of the Thern dominions within the Otz Mountains  GM
MOAK A community of Kaldanes CM
MORBUS The city of the synthetic men. It lies in the Toonolian Marshes, between Phundahl and Thavas SMM
MORGORS The skeleton men of Jupiter. They have parchment-like skin, stretched tightly over their bones. The eyes are deep-set and brown, showing no white. The skin of the face merges with the gums at the roots of the teeth, which are fully exposed like those of a naked skull. The nose is a gaping hole in the center of the face. There are no external ears, only the orifices. They are entirely hairless. Their internal organs are visible when they stand in front of a bright light SMJ
MORS KAJAK Crown Prince of Helium, Jed of Lesser Helium, and father of Dejah Thoris  PM
MOTUS A warrior of Invak LG
A range of mountains in the south-western quadrant, guarding the border of Torquas TMM
MULTIS PAR A prince of the royal family of Zor; son of Zu Tith SMJ
MU TEL  Prince of Toonol and nephew of Vobis Kan MMM
MYR-LO  An engineer among the Black Pirates of Kamtol LG

NASTOR A Dator among the Black Pirates of Kamtol. LG
NINTH CYCLE A rank among the Therns, one rank below the Holy Therns. WM
NINTH RAY The ray used in manufacturing the artificial atmosphere of Mars. It is an inherent property of all light PM
NOLACH A community of Kaldanes (or elso, a title  of authority among the Kaldanes  CM
NOLAR A Dator among the Black Pirates of Kamtol LG
NOTAN The Royal Phychologist  of Zodanga PM
NUR AN A nobleman of Jahar FMM
NUTUS Jeddak of Dusar  TMM
O ALA A Savator woman, wife of Han Du SMJ

ODWAR A military rank, similar to a general (TMM). Also, in jetan, the original name of the piece now generally called a flier. The name odwar is still used in those nations where airships are unknown. Represented by a general with five feathers. CM
OKAR The land of the yellow men, entirely within the north polar ice cap. Also, the racial name of the yellow men (WM).  LG
OLIVIA MARTHIS Daughter of the Jed of Hastor and later, wife of Kjor Kantos CM
O MAD Among the green hordes, a man with one name; one who has not made a kill PM
O-MAI THE CRUEL Jeddak of Manator 5,000 years before O-Tar CM
OMBRA A nation of blue-haired white men of Thuria SM
OMEAN The buried sea. Harbor of the Black Pirates. The only entrance is through a crater opening in a flat-topped black mountain rising from the south polar ice cap. It is larger than Korus, and receives the waters of the lesser sea. To keep it from filling above a certain level, the Black Pirates have four great pumping stations that force the oversupply back into the reservoirs from which the red men draw the water which irrigated their farm lands. GM
OMPT An island in the Toonolian Marhes, between Phundahl and Morbus, upon which is located the kingdom and village of Gooli  SMM
ONVAK A city of invisible men, enemies of Invak, in the Forest of Lost Men LG
ORLUK  A huge arctic beast, much hunted for its black and yellow striped pelt WM
OROVARS The ancient auburn-haired white race of Mars, now surviving only in isolated fortresses such as Horz and Lothar (and, minus the auburn hair, in the Otz Mountains. LG
O-TAR Jeddak of Manator CM
OTZ The valley and mountain range surrounding the Valley Dor. The Otz Valley lies in a mighty depression at the South Pole, sunk hundreds of feet below the level of the surrounding country. A hundred miles from its northern boundary rise the Otz Mountains which circle the inner Valley of Dor, in the exact center of which lies the lost sea of Korus. On the shore of this sea stands the Golden Temple of Issus in the land of the First Born. GM
OV Seven SMM
O-ZAR A warrior from Manataj. CM
OZARA Queen of the Tarids of Thuria, and daughter of the Jeddak of Domnia SM

PADWAR A military rank, similar to a lieutenant PM
A building of Ptarth, in which are housed the embassies of the foreign powers. It is a pretentious building that rises spire-like toward the heavens, its outer walls elaborately wrought with delicate carvings and intricate mosaics. The ministers themselves live in gorgeous palaces within the district occupied by the nobles  TMM
PALTHON A rare and beautiful stone, blood-red, in which are traced in purest white nature's most fanciful designs.  MMM
PANAR A kingdom of red men in the north polar region, and its inhabitants.  LG
PAN DAN CHEE A nobleman of Hora, later husband of Tara of Helium LG
PANDAR A Phundahlian warrior, prisoner in Morbus SMM
PANKOR The capital city of the Panar Nation LG
PANTHANS Wandering soldiers of fortune. They sell their services wherever war exists, and in the occasional brief intervals when there is no organized warfare between the red nations, they join one of the expeditions that are constantly being dispatched against the green men in the protection of the waterways that traverse the wilder portions of the globe. In the intervals between employments they wear no insignia. They are highly paid, but as they are also notorious gamblers and spenders, they are usually in need of funds.
Also, a jetan piece, represented by a warrior with one feather. Moves one space forward, diagonally or sideways.
PARTHAK The Zodangan who brought food to John Carter in the pits of Zat Arrras. GM
An American army officer, supposedly killed in France during World War I. Instead, he found himself on Mars in the same manner as had John Carter fifty years earlier. He became the laboratory assistant of the Toonolian scientist Ras Thavas, and later Prince of Duhor. Known on Barsoom as Vad Varo. MMM
A pedestal in the center of the Throne of Righteousness in Greater Helium, where a man stands while his case is being heard. Here the hero is decorated and the criminal sentenced. GM
PELLUCIDAR The world at the center of the Earth, an empire ruled by David Innes. See also AT THE EARTH'S CORE. FMM
PEW MOGEL A synthetic man, "the most powerful ruler on Mars," according to his own claim. Creator and master of Joog, the synthetic giant, and author of PEW MOGEL, HIS LIFE AND WONDERFUL WORKS. JCGM
PHAIDOR A princess among the Therns; daughter of Matai Shang. GM
PHAO A nobleman of  Jahar, betrothed to Nur An. FMM
PHO LAR  A Savator or blue man of Jupiter. SMJ
PHOR SAN An odwar in the forces of Hin Abtol, commanding the Panar fliers. LG
PHOR TAK A scientist of Jahar, inventor of the invisible paint, the disintegrator ray, and the Flying Death . FMM
PHUNDAHL A city and empire of red men, in the Northwestern Quadrant. A considerable distance east of Ptarth and a little north of it.  MMM
PHYSTAL Overseer of the slaves of Fal Sivas. SM
PI A Martian copper coin, worth about one cent. LG
PIMALIA A Martian flowering plant, growing sometimes to the height of a tree. GM
PINSAR Smallest of the three ships belonging to Ras Thavas.  MMM
PIT OF PLENTY A torture chamber near the center of the palace in Kadabra, the capital of Okar. The pit is about a hundred feet in depth, its sides are lined with shelves of food and drink behind glass walls. Once a day a light flashes on, showing the starving victim a glimpse of the victuals, but before he can reach the walls the light is extinguished, and he finds only smooth glass. WM
PLANT MEN A race inhabiting the Valley Dor. They are ten to twelve feet in height when standing erect, and are manlike in the proportions of the body and legs. The arms, however, are very short, and are similar to an elephant's trunk, being sinuous and entirely without bony structure. The hairless body is a goulish blue, except for a broad band of white encircling the protruding, single eye, which is all dead white -- pupil, iris, and ball. The nose is a ragged, inflamed, circular hole in the center of the blank face, resembling a fresh bullet wound which has not yet commenced to bleed. The head, with the exception of the face, is covered by a mass of tangled, jet-black hair some eight or ten inches in length. Each hair, is about the thickness of a large angleworm, and seems to writhe independently as the thing moves the muscles of its scalp. The feet are fully three feet long and very flat and broad. The method of feeding consists to running their odd hands over the surface of the turf, cropping off the tender vegetation with razor-like talons and sucking it up from two mouths, on e in the palm of each hand. They are equipped with a massive tail about six feet long, quite round where it joins the body but tapering off to a flat, thin blade toward the end, which trails at right angles to the ground. The young are attached by stems from the tops of their heads to their parent's armpits, where they grow from buds to fully-developed replicas of the adults about ten to twelve inches in length. Their blood is a green and sticky syrup. GM
PNOXUS An invisible man of Invak; the son of Ptantus the Jeddak. LG
POLODONA The Martian equator.  CM
POVAK An assassin of Zodanga. SM
POWELL, JAMES K. A Confederate officer, killed by Apaches while prospecting with John Carter in Arizona. PM
PRINCESS A jetan piece, represented by a diadem  with one jewel. Moves three spaces in any direction, straight or diagonal, and may jump intervening spaces. The Princess is entitled to one ten-space move during the game. This is called the Escape. CM
PTANTUS Jeddak of Invak LG
PTANG   A warrior among the Black Pirates of Kamtol. LG
PTARTH A city and empire of red men, one of the three major powers of the Eastern Hemisphere. Northeast of Kaol and allied with it, and 9,500 haads northeast of Helium. WM
PTOR Family name of three brothers form Zodanga. PM
PTOR FAK A warrior from Zodanga, one of the three Ptor brothers. LG

RAB-ZOV A Panar, "the strongest man in Pankor." LG
RADIUM BULB The principal means of artificial lighting on Mars. It is a hemispherical glass bowl, filled with radium powder, which gives a clear but glareless light almost indefinitely. The bulb is never extinguished, but is fitted with an opaque cover when not in use.  PM
RADIUM RIFLES  The principal firearms used by the green men. They are stocked with wood, a very light and intensely hard growth, intensely prized on Mars. The metal of the barrels is an alloy composed principally of aluminum and steel, which they have learned to temper to a hardness far exceeding that of the steel with which we are familiar. The weight of these rifles is comparatively little, and with the small caliber explosive radium projectiles they use, and the great length of the barrel, they are deadly in the extreme and at ranges which would be unthinkable on Earth. The theoretic effective range of these rifles is 300 miles, but the best they can do in actual service when equipped with their wireless finders and sighters is a trifle over 200 miles. PM
RAPAS THE ULSIO  A Zodangan criminal of the lower class, employed by Fal Sivas as assassin and kidnapper. SM
RAS THAVAS The Master Mind of Mars, a nobleman of Toonol and the greatest scientist and surgeon on Barsoom  MMM
RAXAR A city and kingdom of red men, sacked by Hin Abtol LG
RED MEN The dominant race on Mars. In appearance they are similar to the highest type of man on Earth, but their skins are of a reddish copper color. They are oviparous. Their natural lifespan is over a thousand years, though very few reach this age because of the prevalence of war and assassination. They are the product of a mixture of the three primitive races of ancient Mars; the white, the yellow, and the black. PM
ROJAS A woman of Invak LG
RO TAN BIM An ancient noble of Horz LG
RUZAAR A Heliumetic battleship SMM
RYKOR A headless body used  by the Kaldanes of Bantoom. The body is beautifully proportioned, and the skin is of a slightly lighter red than that of the red Martians. They are eyeless, and have a rudimentary nervous system and a correspondingly minute brain CM

SAB THAN Prince of Zodanga PM
SAG OR A noble of Phundahl and favorite of Xaxa  MMM
SALENSUS OLL Jeddak of Okar WM
SANOMA TORA Daughter of Tor Hatan, kidnapped by Tul Axtar of Jahar FMM
SAN TOTHIS A Gatholian officer, commander of the Vanator CM
SARAN TAL Major-domo of Carthoris of Helium TMM
SARKOJA A Thark woman, one of the older members of Tars Tarkas' retinue PM
SATOR THROG A Holy Thern of the Tenth Cycle, a leader among the Therns GM
SAVATORS The blue men of Jupiter, quite similar in appearance to the men of Earth and Mars SMJ
SEPT A Kaldane of the community of Luud CM
SHADOR Prison isle in the sea of Omean GM
SHARU A woman of Ghasta FMM
SHEA, (JOHN A.) Secretary of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., during the early years in California CM
SILIAN A slimy aquatic reptile inhabiting the lost sea of Korus GM
SIL VAGIS A Teedwar on the staff of the 91st Umak of the troops of Helium  FMM
SITH A Kaolian beast. It resembles a hornet, bald-faced and winged, about the size of a Hereford bull. It has frightful jaws in front and a mighty, poisoned sting behind. The eyes, of myriad facets, cover three fourths of the head, permitting the creature to see in all directions at once. It has six legs. The poison of the sting is used to kill the beast. WM
SKEEL A Martian hardwood GM
SOF A Martian unit of measurement, equal to 1/10 sofad SwM
SOFAD A Martian unit of measurement, equal to 1/10 of an ad, or about 1.17 Earth inches TMM
SOLA A young green Martian woman, daughter of Tars Tarkas PM
SOLAN The operator of the great magnet in Kadabra, one of the best swordsmen ever encountered by John Carter WM
SOMP The fruit of the sompus tree, considered a great delicacy on Mars. It is similar to grapefruit, though much sweeter LG
SOMPUS A kind of tree. It bears a citrus-like fruit, called somp, with a thin red rind. TMM
SORAK A small, six-legged animal kept as a house pet by the red Martians PM
SORAPUS A Martian hardwood tree. It bears large nuts, about a foot in diameter  GM
SORAV Commander of the force of the palace of Salensus Oll WM
SOVAN Prince and overlord of the navy of Ptarth  TMM
SYL Underground river flowing beneath Tjanath to the Valley Hohr and beyond FMM
SYTOR A dwar among the synthetic men. War of the 10th Utan, first Dar of the Third Jed's guard SMM


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