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Blue Book Magazine published this editorial entitled, “Tarzan for President.”
Donald Kennicott, Blue Books’ longest tenured editor, is credited with writing the short piece.
The issue had a cover date of July 1932.
Joseph Chenoweth drew the cover illustration for the “The Moon Gods” by Edgar Jepson and Sidney Gowing.
Tarzan and the Leopard Men” began in the next issue.

Blue Book - August 1932 - Tarzan and the Leopard Men 1/6

Blue Book - July 1932

The Editor
Blue Book Magazine - July/August, 1932

A citizen who had grown
desperate with the multi-
plicity of schemes to end
the depression, and who was well
wearied with political pettifog-
gery and propaganda, recently
wrote a letter to a New York
newspaper. The desperate citi-
zen had a brilliant and simple
suggestion which the newspapers
liked well enough to pass on to
its readers.
"Let us," said the writer in ef-
fect, "elect Tarzan to the Presi-
dency. He at least went places
and did things."
Unfortunately we cannot, in
this difficult world, have many of
the things we want. We cannot,
for example, have Tarzan for
President. We can, however,
have him for a job that is indi-
vidually more important to us:
We can have him for a friend in
need, and for a needed refuge
and solace from humdrum things,
we can go on safari with him in
his own primitive and refreshing
Next month this champion ad-
venturer in all the realm of fic-
tion comes back to you in a new
novel -- "Tarzan and the Leopard
Men." With him comes his fa-
miliar spirit the little monkey
Nkima riding through utmost
peril on his shoulder; with him too
come Numa  the lion and Sabor
the lioness and all the rest of that
goodly jungle company we have
known and loved so well. With
him also come many new and in-
teresting people, friends and ene-
mies alike. You may count upon
renewing a true and tried fiction
delight when you turn to the next
issue of the Blue Book Magazine.
Tarzan will have good com-
pany: an absorbing mystery
novelette by Henry C. Rowland
entitled "Murder on the Eastern
Shore," as well as many specially
attractive stories by such writers
as Clarence Herbert New, War-
ren H. Miller, Henry La Cossitt,
Arthur K. Akers, Edgar Jepson
and the like.

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