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The Martian Legion:
In Quest of Xonthron


An Epic Adventure Novel in the Grandest ERB Tradition!
The Finest ERB Collectible Ever Produced!
Investment Quality!

Written in spirit by Edgar Rice Burroughs with an assist from Jake Saunders.

A completely new ERB adventure of Homeric proportions!

  • A quarter million words of high adventure! Like getting four ERB novels in one!
  • First 100 copies signed by Saunders, Grindberg, Hoffman, Mullins, DeVito, Cabarga, and Cochran.
  • Featuring 130 illustrations by Tom Grindberg, Michael C. Hoffman, and Craig Mullins, including….
    • 106 spot illustrations
    • 21 full page paintings and color illustrations
    • 3 double-page paintings and color illustrations
  • Dimensions 11-1/4-in. x 12-1/4-in. x 1-1/2in.
  • 423 pages.
  • Lavish book and cover design by Zavier Leslie Cabarga.
  • Martian coin (#1-1,100) created by Joe DeVito and minted in 99.9% pure platinum, 22 karat gold, 99.9% pure silver, and bronze finish over pewter.
  • Deluxe clamshell presentation box (#1-1,100) with coin case compartment.
  • Barsoomian map endpapers.
  • Personalized ownership certificate from Napier Industrial & Mercantile Co.
  • Online personalized ownership registry.
  • Printed in China on Gold East archival acid-free paper.
  • Book text typeset in the Cartier Family, designed in 1967 by Carl Dair.
  • Chapter headings typeset in Saber, and picture captions in Jake Ultra. Both fonts were designed especially for this book.
  • Russ Cochran, publisher.
In more ways than one, you’ll find The Martian Legion to be a mighty BIG book!

A First Edition of 4,100 leather bound copies soon to be available under the following options:

  1. 1–3 Worldbuilder edition, bound in banth, signed and numbered with presentation box and genuine platinum commemorative coin.
  2. 4–21 Legion Members and Jeddaks edition, bound in banth, signed and numbered with presentation box and 22 karat gold commemorative coin.
  3. 22–100 Warriors of Barsoom edition, bound in banth, signed and numbered with presentation box and 99.9% silver commemorative coin.
  4. 101–1,100 Wonders of Barsoom edition, bound in banth, unsigned but numbered, with presentation box and bronze-finish pewter commemorative coin.
3,000 Friends of Barsoom edition, bound in thoat.

Leather used in the production of this book is of the finest quality including banth from the low hills surrounding the dead seas of ancient Barsoom and premium Gatholian thoat. 
We are indebted to Napier Industrial & Mercantile for its valuable assistance. 

The Martian Legion: In Quest of Xonthron
Copyright © 2014 Jake D. Saunders, all rights reserved.
Edgar Rice Burroughs TM is a trademark of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. and is used by permission.
This edition was published by The Russ Cochran Company, Ltd.

Review of The Martian Legion
by Scott Tracy Griffin. 
Mr. Griffin is the author of Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration (Titan Books, 2012), 
the only authorized illustrated history of Edgar Rice Burroughs' famed ape man.
In 1913, Edgar Rice Burroughs contemplated penning a crossover tale uniting his two greatest creations, Tarzan and John Carter of Mars. He ultimately gave the idea up as unworkable, concerned that he couldn’t do justice to both heroes in one novel. In an alternate universe, Burroughs not only wrote that tale, he lived it—and presented the manuscript to author Jake "Buddy" Saunders' grandfather. Decades later, Saunders has chosen to share it with the world.

Big ideas deserve a big stage, and Martian Legion delivers on all counts. It’s a story too big to be contained in one pulp hero franchise, one world, one age, or one universe. A pantheon of heroes, including Tarzan, John Carter, Doc Savage, The Shadow, Carson Napier, Alley Oop and more gather to combat a foe across planets, dimensions, and time. The epic account unspools across a quarter of a million words, and takes readers not only to Africa and Barsoom, but to new worlds, with new heroes in the grandest Burroughsian tradition.

The novel solves many of the conundrums and undeveloped strands in the Burroughs universe, while setting the stage for sequels—perhaps a trilogy taking us to Venus and Beyond the Farthest Star is in order? As befits the ambitious scope of the story, the artistic presentation is unparalleled. One-hundred-thirty new illustrations were commissioned for this opus, with contributions by Thomas Grindberg, Michael C. Hoffman, and Craig Mullins, on archival, acid-free paper, bound in leather (banth and thoat) in one giant volume.

Readers of Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration know I'm a fan of grand presentations, and this book is a spectacular showcase of story and art. Whether you are a collector of fine books, or simply someone who loves a tale well told, The Martian Legion: In Quest of Xonthron is a must-have for pulp enthusiasts.


Craig Mullins Art


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