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The Gridley Wave #338 ~ November 2010
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The Original Burroughs Biography

Robert W. Fenton's biography of Edgar Rice Burroughs, originally titled The Big Swingers, was first published in 1967 by Prentice Hall. McFarland and Co. republished his book in a hardcover edition in 2003 with the new title, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Tarzan: A Biography, along with a new foreword by George T. McWhorter and additional photos. Marie Fenton Griffing, Fenton's widow, has reported to us that McFarland is reprinting their edition this year in trade paper-back. "I am so grateful that it is still of public interest so long after my husband's death in 1968," Marie told us.

McFarland lists the book on their website at 254 pages, including 66 photos, appendices, notes, and index: ( - The Kindle version is avaiable at Amazon: Their website includes this entry: "Like millions of other readers and moviegoers, as a youngster the late Robert W. Fenton loved swinging through the jungle with Tarzan. As an adult his interest was revived when he bought Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs' original office-estate in Tarzana, CA, and began writing a biography of Burroughs. Published in 1967, it was the first full-scale, commercially published account of ERB's life and work. Fenton wrote articles for Time, published his own newspaper (The European Traveler), and founded Teen Features Syndicate." (McFarland lists five other books in print in their catalogue that are devoted to ERB and his creations, and at least two more that relate Burroughs to the history of science fiction, or history in general.)

The Outlaw Prince – First Volume Available for Pre-Order
The Outlaw Prince, a graphic novel that fully features the talents of artist Thomas Yeates, is the first volume in a series that offers a faithful adaptation of Burroughs' second novel, The Outlaw of Torn. Writer is Rob Hughes, pencillers are Thomas Yeates and Michael Wm. Kaluta, inker is Thomas Yeates, and colorist is Lori Almeida with Thomas Yeates, Steve Oliff, and Gloria Vasquez.

This book will be published by Dark Horse in two editions on 13 April 2011, and is now available for pre-order at The trade paper-back, at 80 pages and with cover by Esad Ribic, will be available on 13 April 2011 and sells for $12.99 

The deluxe limited-edition hardcover, at 112 pages and with cover by Alan Lathwell, also includes an afterword by ERB fan Frank Westwood. Normally selling for $49.99, a discount price of $39.99 is now being offered 

Cover art by Alan Lathwell for the 
deluxe limited-edition hardcover of 
the first volume of The Outlaw Prince
Esad Ribic's cover art for 
the trade paperback edition of 
the first volume of The Outlaw Prince.

Planet Stories Presents Sojan and Brax

Cover art by Kieran YannerPlanet Stories, an imprint of Piazo Publishing, has been issuing reprints of classic science fiction and fantasy stories since 2007. 

Of particular interest to ERB fans is the November publication of their Planet Stories Double Feature of Michael Moorcock's Sojan the Swordsman and Joe R. Lansdale's Under the Warrior Star. The latter is the first original story to appear under the Planet Stories banner.

As editor Christopher Paul Carey reports, “Both novellas have direct connections to the world of ERB. Sojan was first published serially in Moorcock's ERB fanzine Burroughsania (1954) and the story paper Tarzan Adventures (1957-58). Joe Lansdale completed ERB's Tarzan: The Lost Adventure manuscript. Both tales follow in the sword-and-planet tradition of ERB (with Joe's carrying an unmistakable Burroughs and Otis Adelbert Kline feel), and publisher Erik Mona's introduction to the book aims to answer the question, "What was it about the sword and planet works of Edgar Rice Burroughs that so intrigued nearly every professional science fiction writer born in the last century?"

As a bonus, the original illustrations by Jim Cawthorn for Sojan's earlier appearances are reproduced in this volume, along with original artwork by Claudio Casini for Lansdale's novella.

The press copy from their website offers this: "Moorcock's Sojan the Swordsman revisits the author's very first published character, the original incarnation of the Eternal Champion. Rewritten and expanded from its original appearance, this is the tale of the hero Sojan Shield-bearer as he travels across the planet Zylor, encountering strange races and even stranger monsters in a fast-paced adventure in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Leigh Brackett.

“In Lansdale's never-before-published novella Under the Warrior Star, Olympic fencing contender Braxton Booker is hurtled into a universe in miniature, where he must lead the inhabitants of the forest world of Juna against their oppressive overlord – a tentacled, mind-probing monstrosity known only as The One."

This book is available in a 180-page trade paperback, for $15.99 at (the direct link at their webstore is, and is also currently discounted to $10.87 at

Special Sale for Books by David Fury
David Fury and his Artist's Press have announced a Christmas Sale for Burroughs Bibliophiles members only: 40% off on the regular edition of Johnny Weissmuller: Twice the Hero ($21) and Maureen O'Sullivan: “No Average Jane” ($15), and 50% off the Special Edition of Johnny Weissmuller: Twice the Hero ($30). David also has four softcover copies of Kings of the Jungle at $25 each (two copies of the regular edition and two copies of the-large print edition). Shipping is $4 Media Mail rate for the first book and $2 for each additional book. Contact David at P.O. Box 4766, Irvine CA 92616 or e-mail him at More information about these books is available online at
The Gridley Wave #338  November 2010
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