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"EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS: The Second Century"

The National Capital Panthans, the Burroughs Bibliophiles chapter encompassing the Maryland-Virginia-Washington, DC area, has just published a unique book titled Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Second Century – Celebrating the Life & Works of the Master Storyteller. Edited by Steven Vance Wadding and Tom Stock, this edition features a wide range of articles, essays, poetry, and fiction. 

Front cover art is by the late Harry Roland; the back cover is rendered by Mark Wheatley. Profuse interior art is provided by Harry, Mark, Tom Floyd, and Ellen Vartanoff. Mark Wheatley also designed and produced the book. This 184-page volume in trade paperback format was published on 11 June and can be purchased through at the cover price of $19.95.

Anyone interested in joining the Panthans should contact 
John Tyner, treasurer,
5911 Halpine Rd, 
Rockville, MD 20851-2410. 

Dues are $15 per year, which includes a copy of the monthly “Panthan News-letter.” 
The chapter meets monthly, where the “Panthans Journal” is also assembled and distributed to all attendees.

Limited Edition Poster for
"Tarzan: Lord of the Louisiana Jungle"
We first reported on the documentary film, “Tarzan: Lord of the Louisiana Jungle,” in The Gridley Wave #320 (May 2009). Al Bohl is the producer of this documentary, which chronicles the filming of the first Tarzan movie in Morgan City, Louisiana. 
The documentary is nearing completion.

While Mr. Bohl has applied for grants to help fund his work, he is currently paying all expenses out of pocket. To help defray costs, he has produced a 24” x 36” fullcolor “Tarzan: Lord of the Louisiana Jungle” poster suitable for framing. Printed on
fine-gloss poster paper, only 250 copies will be made. Each will be numbered and signed by Mr. Bohl. Numbers 11-250 are available for $25 each, which includes free shipping and handling.  The names of individuals who purchase a poster will be listed in the end credits of the DVD presentation of the documentary as sponsors. 

This limited edition poster can
be purchased through PayPal at

Additional funds will help, for example, to purchase historic archival photos and footage, pay fees to enter into film festivals, and cover the cost of pro-ducing all original music for the documentary and a new improved version of the original 1918 motion picture “Tarzan of the Apes.” Note that Mr. Bohl is also writing a book to accompany the documentary.

Go to for details, 
or write 
516 Wedgewood Dr,
Bossier City, LA 71111-2290.
"Tarzan!: An Exploration of the Legendary
Hero Through Pop Culture" by Pascal Dibie
Here is an intriguing book which member James O’Brien notified us about. This is the most extensive of the online blurbs: Apeman. Lord of the Jungle. Ecowarrior.

Whatever you call him, Tarzan is, above all else, a legend. First created by Edgar Rice Burroughs in Tarzan of the Apes in 1912, Tarzan was more than a European orphan adopted by gorillas in darkest Africa. He quickly became a legendary opponent of colonialism, a valiant symbol of equality, a dangerous yet undeniably attractive lover, and a seemingly immortal hero to us all. 

Tarzan, who has starred in countless books, movies, radio and television programs, and in recent years Broadway productions and video games – not to mention hundreds of toys, games, and ephemera – holds a unique place in popular culture and in society.

As times changed, so did Tarzan and his world: changing mores demanded Jane wear more clothing; developing ethnic tolerances shaped Tarzan’s relationship with his African friends and enemies; and people began to see Tarzan’s thoughtful coexistence with nature and his animal brethren as a bastion of environmentalism. 

Pascal Dibie, along with other scholars, shines a critical yet celebratory light on Tarzan and Burroughs, and explores the relationship between the character and his times. An amazing retrospective of the legendary character, Tarzan! is filled with scenes from the many films, including photographs of stars such as Johnny Weissmuller, Buster Crabbe, Christopher Lambert, Maureen O’Hara, and of course, Cheetah, in addition to classic comic strips, vintage book jackets, retro Viewmaster scenes, and art created especially for this book. 

Hardcover, 248 pages (120 images), $30.00, release date 13 October 2010 (Skira-Rizzoli Publications). 
Not currently available at, it is listed at and other online sites; some comic-book retailers will stock it.

Dark Horse's Latest Tarzan and John Carter Comic Book Reprints
Dark Horse continues its rapid publication of reprints of Tarzan and John Carter of Mars comic book stories. Their latest archival-quality hardcover editions include Volumes 6 and 7 of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan: The Jesse Marsh Years and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars: The Jesse Marsh Years (the latter reissuing the three full-length 1950s Dells). As a follow-up to their three-volume set of reprints of Joe Kubert's DC Comics Tarzan stories, Dark Horse will reprint the DC Comics' John Carter of Mars stories from "Tarzan" #207-#209 and "Weird Worlds" #1-#7, by writer Marv Wolfman and artists Murphy Anderson, Gray Morrow, Howard Chaykin, Sal Amendola, and Joe Orlando. This volume is only offered in trade paperback format.

Tarzan, Vol 6 reprints Dell
“Tarzan” #28-#32 and “Tarzan’s
Jungle Annual” #1 from 1952.
Gaylord DuBois writer, Jesse
Marsh artist. Release date
4 August 2010; 248 pages,

Tarzan, Vol 7 reprints Dell
“Tarzan” #33-#38 from 1952.
Gaylord DuBois writer, Jesse
Marsh artist. Release date
3 November 2010; 224 pages,

John Carter of Mars: The Jesse
Marsh Years. Paul S. Newman
writer, Jesse Marsh artist.
Release date 5 May 2010; 120
pages, $29.99.

John Carter of Mars: Weird
Worlds reprints stories from
“Tarzan” #207-#209 and “Weird
Worlds” #1-#7. Release date 18
January 2011; 112 pages, $14.99.
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