The Gridley Wave #332 ~ May 2010
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Warner Brothers Archives announced five new Tarzan films on DVD. 

There are two Jock Mahoney titles: “Tarzan Goes to India” and “Tarzan’s Three Challenges.” 

There are also three DVDs for Mike Henry: “Tarzan and the Valley of Gold,” “Tarzan and the Great River,” and “Tarzan and the Jungle Boy.” Each film set sells for $19.95, or you can buy all five DVDs for $49.95. 

Earlier sets of Lex Barker and Gordon Scott are also for sale. 

You can order through the Warner Archives web site at or by phone at (866) 373-4389.


Jock Mahoney and Mike Henry
Rare Tarzan “Pop-up” Book Offered For Sale
Rare book dealer L. W. Currey now offers a rare mint copy of The New Adventures of Tarzan (NY, Slesinger, 1935), which first appeared on the market to celebrate the new Herman Brix movie of that name. It has colored board covers, with ten pages of text and three color Pop-Ups in perfect condition. The price is $1,000 and can be ordered at
or by phone at
(518) 873-6477
Number 13 Is Reborn In Italy
A new Italian edition of The Monster Men was published in Rome this year by Donzelli Editore. Their title is Virginia e gli Uomini Mostro, which accents the heroine, Virginia Maxon. The price is set at €21, but no American dealers that we have found have yet announced copies for sale in the USA. If you read Italian, however, the publisher’s website is
New Book Deal Contract From ERB, Inc.
The Burroughs Corporation has just signed a new contract with a British agency called Blake Friedmann Literary, Film and TV Agency, Ltd., for a series of new books designed to appeal to the younger generation, which the agency dubbed “The Play Station Generation.” The agency is looking for a new author to match the story-telling capabilities of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and is currently courting Andy Briggs, now involved in an animated TV series after a series of scriptwriting successes for Disney and Paramount Pictures. The agency’s first project is a book entitled Tarzan the Eco-Warrior where Tarzan battles the usual brand of villains, the poaching of endangered animals, illegal logging, and decline of the environment. The opening chapters of the book will be read at the London Book Fair in an attempt to interest film and TV companies. ERB, Inc. has not had a permanent marketing engineer on its staff for many years, so we hope this new agency will work out well for them.
Special Offer While Supply Lasts

There is a good feature article on Jock Mahoney with nine photos in Mike Chapman’s "Iowa History Journal," v.2, no.1. 

Price, including shipping & handling, is $12. Send check or money order to Mike Chapman, Iowa History Journal, P.O.Box 293, Newton, Iowa 50208

Tarzan Soundtrack Re-released
UK’s Giant Steps jazz label has issued for the first time on CD the Shorty Rogers soundtrack for Denny Miller’s Tarzan the Ape
Man, titled You Shorty, Me Tarzan. The label’s ad copy reads: "Assembled is the rare percussive soundtrack to Tarzan the Ape Man that featured the likes of Bud Shank, Bob Cooper, Frank Rosolino and other famed West Coasters."

Said Shorty: “At first, I was slightly apprehensive when MGM approached me to write and record the soundtrack for a Tarzan movie, but I needn’t have concerned myself. They just said, make it exciting with plenty of drumming, and left me alone to get on with it. So I approached it as if I was really making a new Giants album, which is what it really was. I don’t want to sound discourteous, but the album we made was much better that the actual movie.” 

Worth it perhaps just for the cover photo of Denny holding Rogers! (Tell us, Denny, real or camera trickery?) The CD is available for ordering through most music outlets (£9.95 or around $15.00).

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The Gridley Wave #332 ~ May 2010
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