The Gridley Wave #312 ~ September 2008
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More Tarzan Comic Book Tidbits
Super-sleuth Bob Barrett discovered that one page of a Jesse Marsh Tarzan comic had been taken out of Dell Tarzan #37 in 1952 because the issue was one page too long. It was originally designed to be page three of the Tarzan story "Old Man Baboon." The cartoon of Jesse Marsh (below) was drawn by Alex Toth in a letter to Bob Barrett. It shows Jesse with a beard, which resembles his creation of a comic book character named Doctor Alexander MacWhirtle. Jesse told fellow artist Russ Manning that the cartoon character was modeled on Jesse's father.


News Notes

The clipping below comes from the editorial page of
The Wichita Eagle for Sunday, April 6, 2008,
and was sent in by Bob Barrett.
He adds that a former film festival at Wichita State University
was picketed for scheduling Tarzan films several years ago,
which makes the column of great interest.


A note of interest: Author Reiner Boller tells us that he has created a new Lex Barker website on the Internet,
with many pictures and on-going updates, such as Arlene Dahlís autobiography due to be published this year.
It's at

Two small-press items of interest to ERB readers were published earlier this year. Subterranean Press continues its Philip José Farmer project with another massive volume, Venus on the Half-Shell and Others (400+ pages, ISBN1596061421, $40). It includes, in addition to the title novel purportedly written by Kurt Vonnegut's Kilgore Trout, the first authorized reprinting of The Adventure of the Peerless Peer, first published in 1974. Also available is the second volume of Leigh Brackett's planetary romances, Lorelei of the Red Mist (Haffner Press, $40, ISBN 1893887243, 496 pp), a welcome edition for anyone who loved Planet Stories and John Carter-style adventures.


The telephone number given for Vanguard for placing orders for Steve Korshak's second volume on J. Allen St. John was incorrect in April 2008 Gridley Wave

The press apparently no longer takes direct phone orders, but you can call co-editor David Spurlock at (908)735-8882. 

All three editions are also sold by Bud's Art Books (formerly Bud Plant Comic Art), and the two trade editions (but not the deluxe hardcover) can be ordered through most online booksellers or your local bookstore.

The Gridley Wave #308 ~May 2008
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