The Gridley Wave #300 ~September 2007
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More new Burroughs editions are being published than we can keep track of. Most are just plain text print-on-demand reprints of the usual titles, but occasionally something a little different comes along. For example, here's a new 8½x11 paperback edition of Tarzan of the Apes with illustrations by David Burton (left). The introduction is written by Bob Zeuschner and the appendices
include a map of Tarzanís Africa, the Ape-Language Dictionary, and "Feral Children in Fiction and Fact" by Serena DuBois. The book sells for $24.99 (ISBN 0615139450). This is unlikely to be stocked by any store, but most can order for you, or you can use online sources such as or B&N.

Barnes & Noble is publishing a series entitled "Library of Essential Reading Stories" which includes Burroughs. Their latest issue is More Martian Tales featuring Thuvia Maid of Mars and Chessmen of Mars, with introduction by Aaron Parrett. This trade-sized paperback is priced at $8.95 (ISBN 0760780897). 

Another recent Barnes & Noble offering in their classics series is Tarzan of the Apes with introduction and notes by Maura Spiegel. Also a paperback, it sells for $5.95 (ISBN 1593082274). You can buy either of these at your local B&N store or online at

Another recent entry is Leonaur Books, based in England. They are publishing Burroughs in attractive hardcover and softcover
editions, each containing two or three novels. The Moon, Martian, and Pellucidar series, as well as Tarzan, have been
published.Among this publisher's other offerings are classic works by Stanley G. Weinbaum and George Allan England.


Gridley Wave Hits 300! 

Since we didn't plan anything special
for the 300th issue of 
The Gridley Wave,
we thought we'd show you 
what the first issue looked like, 
way back in December, 1959. 
The lead article was a story about 
Gordon Scott and the just-released
Tarzan's Greatest Adventure.

ERB fans surround Denny Miller at Dum-Dum 2007.
Photo by Col. Michael R. Pepin.
Tarzan Spin-off Comics
In BB#49 (Winter, 2002) and BB#64 (Summer, 2005) we published samples of Tarzan spin-off comics which aroused considerable 
interest in fandom. Bert Prögler, one of our German subscribers, found two more Tarzan spin-offs not mentioned in our previous publications, so we thought you might like to see photos. The first is "Yarmak, Jungle King" which was published in Australia in 1949-1950 with artwork by Stanley Pitt. "Tibor" is a German spin-off published in the Fall of 1959 with artwork by Hansrudi Wäscher.
The Gridley Wave #300~ September 2007
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