The Gridley Wave #270 ~ March 2005
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A new softcover edition of Clark A. Brady’s The Burroughs Cyclopaedia (ISBN 0-7864-2123-1) is now available from McFarland Publishers, since the 1996 hardback edition is out of print. They sell for #39.95 (plus S&H). Order by calling 800-253-2187 or online at Overleaf is the front page of the brochure from Easton Press advertising the first five Martian stories of ERB, published in Easton’s usual fine leather bindings with gold tooling of the Clinton Pettee icon of a Thark on the front cover and spine. Their toll-free number is 1-800-367-4534. Including S&H, the total price comes to $64 per volume.

Radio Spirits has announced CD publication of the 1932 Tarzan radio shows featuring Jim Pierce and Joan Burroughs Pierce. They have been digitally remastered and issued on three disks in an attractive Ed Monroe cassette box. We think they will be available in the Spring, but Radio Spirits did not list it in their latest catalog, so we will pass on the information in a future newsletter as soon as we know it. 

In other news, the National Capital Panthans has just printed their 100th Journal which will be distributed at next year's E.C.O.F.

convention. One of the handouts with this publication is a comic book version of A Princess of Mars by Harry Roland. It is
excellent work, reminiscent of Kari T. Leppanen's work on the same story for the leading sci-fi fanzine of Finland, Portti, several years ago. The artist has only finished the first 12 pages, taking John Carter to the incubator chambers on Mars, but we
will attempt to negotiate with him to possibly run it as a serial in the Burroughs Bulletin. As you can see from the photo, it is
excellent work. 

We are reviving plans to continue "The Illustrated Tarzan Books" of the 1930s which was begun by Vernell Coriell many years ago but never continued. He pasted these daily strips of Maxon and Juhré into scrapbooks, and they have not aged gracefully — yellowed pages and bleed-through of the paste he used — but they are a unique record of the 1930s which we think should be made public. I am surprised that no commercial publisher has ever tackled the job.

..."Ye Editor"

The Gridley Wave #270 ~ March 2005
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