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Tarzan's Africa, Barsoom, Pellucidar, Amtor ~ four fabulous worlds did not provide enough room in which Edgar Rice Burroughs' active imagination could roam. Beyond his popular series, Burroughs wrote a host of novels and tales that will appeal to adventure lovers, no matter what their taste.

So you've read the Pellucidar books and still feel the need to battle dinosaurs? Then climb aboard a World War I submarine and take the plunge into The Land That Time Forgot! Considered one of Burroughs' finest and most imaginative stories, The Land That Time Forgot (and its two sequels, The People That Time Forgot and Out of Time's Abyss) takes the reader on a thrill-packed journey to the lost continent of Caprona deep in the south seas. There, cave men live cheek by jowl with dinosaurs, saber-tooth tigers and the mysterious Weiroo ~ a race of winged men who live in cities made from the skulls of their victims!

The next classic Burroughs science fiction trilogy consists of The Moon Maid, The Moon Men and The Red Hawk. Space explorers in the Twenty-First Century accidentally discover that far beneath the moon's surface lies a savage and warlike world. To make matters worse, when the Moon's inhabitants learn of the Earth ~ they invade! The moon men conquer, civilization collapses, and humanity begins a centuries-long struggle for independence.

If horror is more your thing then check out The Monster Men. A scientist is obsessed with creating the perfect human in his laboratory vats, but the road to perfection is paved with twelve hideous mistakes! Looking for more lost cities to explore? Then explore The Land of Hidden Men. Deep in the jungles of Cambodia a remnant of the ancient Khmer peoples survive, who still wage war atop charging elephants. A lost city of Japanese samurai can be found on a tiny Pacific island, and this serves as the action-filled turf of Billy Byrne, a Chicago street thug in The Mucker. How exactly did he wind up on the island? That's half the fun of the book!

Science fiction combines with social commentary in two of Burroughs' more offbeat tales. In The Lost Continent Burroughs speculates what might have happened if the United States had never entered World War I. America cuts off all contact with war-torn Europe, and two hundred years later some intrepid explorers head out to see what has happened to the lost continent of Europe. In Beyond the Farthest Star Burroughs portrays a planet entering its second century of total warfare. Burroughs wrote this story just before the United States entered World War II, and he could see that modern technology applied to warfare would leave no survivors.

The past was just as intriguing to Burroughs as the future, and he wrote several worthwhile historical tales. The Outlaw of Torn is set during England's War of the Roses and describes the exploits of a Robin Hood-style outlaw. I Am a Barbarian is the tale of the British slave of Caligula, one of Rome's most ruthless and cruel emperors. And the western novels The War Chief and Apache Devil are among Burroughs finest achievements, depicting in heroic but tragic terms the struggle of Native Americans to hold on to their land and their way of life.

Edgar Rice Burroughs penned many more novels than this, but this should serve as a taste of the many and varied products of his vivid imagination. There is more to Edgar Rice Burroughs than just Tarzan!

Illlustrated Bibliography and eText Editions

Apache Devil
The Bandit of Hell's Bend
Beyond the Farthest Star
Beyond Thirty (aka The Lost Continent) ~ e-Text
The Cave Girl  ~ e-Text
The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County
The Efficiency Expert ~ e-Text
The Eternal Lover (aka The Eternal Savage) ~ e-Text
The Girl From Farris's ~ e-Text
The Girl From Hollywood
I Am a Barbarian
Jungle Girl (aka The Land of Hidden Men)
The Lad and the Lion
The Land That Time Forgot ~ e-Text
(including The People That Time Forgot and Out of Time's Abyss)
The Mad King ~ e-Text
The Man-Eater
Marcia of the Doorstep
Minidoka, 937th Earl of One Mile Series M
The Monster Men ~ e-Text
The Moon Maid
(including The Moon Men and The Red Hawk)
The Mucker ~ e-Text
The Oakdale Affair ~ e-Text
The Outlaw of Torn ~ e-Text
Pirate Blood
The Rider ~ e-Text
The War Chief


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