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PACKARD, Frank L.  Broken Waters
PACKARD, Frank L.   The Locked Book
PACKARD, Frank L.   The Miracle Man
PACKARD: The Miracle Man
PACKARD, Frank L.   The Wire Devils
PAINE, Albert Bigelow ~ Making Up With Mr. Dog
PALMER, John   Looking After Joan
PAMPHLETS: Master Key Pamphlets - Indians?
PARIS, John   Kimono
PARKER, Gilbert    Carnac's Folly
PARKER, Gilbert  Donovan Pasha
PARKER, Gilbert   The Ladder of Swords: (A Tale of Love, Laughter and Tears) 1904
PARKER, Gilbert   Carnac's Folly
PARKER, Gilbert   Donovan Pasha
PARKER, Gilbert   The Ladder of Swords
PARKER, Gilbert   The Seats of the Mighty
PARKS: National Parks
PASLEY, Fred D. Al Capone; The Biography of a Self-Made Man. Ives Washburn, Publisher, 1931. Flyleaf inscription: “Burroughs, Tarzana, February 1931.”
PATTERSON, Lieut Col. J.H.: The Man-Eaters of Tsavo and Other East African Adventures ~ 1914 ~ MacMillan and Co. London ~ Inscription on the front free-endpaper: E.R. Burroughs, Tarzana Ranch  with personal bookplate on the front past-down endpaper.
PALEN, Lewis Stanton ~ White Devil of the Black Sea - ins: ERB May 23 1924 Tarzana - , New York Minten Balch
PEARSE, Mark Guy  Daniel Quorm and His Religious Notions 
PEASE, Sir Alfred E.: The Book of the Lion  ~ 1913
PEASE, Mark Guy   Daniel Quorm and his Religious Notions Second Series (school Book?) Ed's   1880
PECKELSHEIM, Baron Spiegel Von Und Zu   Adventures of the U 202 -  - Century Book ~ Ed's Book plate 1917
PEDLER, Margaret   Red Ashes
PEDLER, Margaret   The Vision of Desire
PEHAN?: One Braver Thing
PENNYBACKER,  Anna J. Hardwicke A New History of Texas
PEPLE, Edward   Richard The Brazen
PERRY, Stella GS.   Come Home
PETERS: Kit Carson's Life
PHELPS, E. S.   The Gates Ajar
PISTOL: Automatic Pistol Caliber .45 M191 & M1911A1 dismantled
PORTER, Eleanor H.   Mary Marie
PORTER, Eleanor H.   Money, Love and Kate
PORTER, Eleanor H.   Polly-Anna
PORTER: Pollyanna
PORTER, Gene Stratton   Freckles
PORTER, Gene Stratton   Her Father's Daughter
PORTER, Gene Stratton   The Keeper of the Bees
PORTER, Gene Stratton   The White Flag
POST, Emily (Mrs. Price Post). Etiquette; “The Blue Book of Social Usage.” New York: Funk and Wagnall’s Company, 1931. Flyleaf inscription: “To Hulbert Burroughs, whether he needs it or not. With love from O.B. (Old Burroughs). December 25, 1932.
POWELL, Edward Alexander: Beyond the Utmost Purple Rim:
POWELL: Beyond the Utmost Purple Rim
POWELL: In Barbary
POWELL: The Map that is Half Unrolled
POWERS, C J ~ Common sense
PRENTICE, Harry ~ Captured by Apes or How Philip Garland became King of Apeland - 1892 A L Burt
PRENTICE, Harry ~ Captured by Zulus 1st  1890 A L Burt
PRESTON, Harriet Waters and Louise Dodge: Private Life of the Romans
PROCTOR, Richard A.: Other Worlds Than Ours
PYLE, Howard   Stolen Treasure

Frank Lucius Packard
Broken Waters ~  1925
The Locked Book ~ 1924
The Miracle Man ~ 1914 ~ Head con man "Doc" Madison has come up with another brilliant scheme, this one seemingly not only easy but foolproof. With the aid of his two underlings, The Flopper and Pale Face Harry, and his girl friend, Helena, he sets the plan in motion. Madison's inspiration came from a newspaper article he read about a healer called The Patriarch in a small Maine town. As the four descend upon the innocents of the town to pull the scam, they get caught up in the lives of the locals and of The Patriarch.
The Wire Devils ~ 1918


Argosy Weekly Pulp Magazine ~ January 14, 1933: McLean Publishing Co., Toronto ~ also in this issue is Otis Adelbert Kline's The Swordsman of Mars
The White Moll 1920 George H. Doran Co. NY.
Running Special: 1925 Doubleday, Doran
The Adventures of Jimmie Dale
Online eText Edition:
Frank L. Packard: Mystery writer of tales featuring character “Jimmie Dale.” Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada; died in Lachine, Quebec, Canada. Canada's master of the Railroad Adventure, Packard spent much of his working life with the CPR. Some of Packard's Railway stories were published in On The Iron At Big Cloud one noteworthy story, "Shanley's Luck" is based on the CPR Beavermouth Riots of 1885, that put a stop to construction until the legendary Sam Steele got things moving again.
Albert Bigelow Paine ~ Born: July 10, 1861 New Bedford, Mass - Died: April 10, 1937 News Smyrna, Florida
Making Up With Mr. Dog 


Autographed and Signed Letter Dated 1908
The Tent Dwellers ~ 1908 ~ Illustrations by Hy Watson ~ Outing Publishers
The Girl in White Armor: The Story of Joan of Arc
The Arkansas Bear
Mark Twain, a Biography 
Thomas Nast: Thomas Nast: His Period and His Pictures 
The Hollow Tree and Deep Woods Book 
The Hollow Tree Snowed In Book ~ 1910 ~ NY Harper & Bros . A childrens book that includes a cast of characters , including Mr. Dog , Mr.Crow, Mr. Possum, Mr. Squirrel, and others. In the book the deepwoods people are invited to the hollow tree by Mr. Coon, Mr.Possum and the old crow to spend christmas. A snowstorm occurs and everyone is snowed in so they pass the time by telling stories. The book is filled with many black and white illustrations
The Boys' Life of Mark Twain 
Mark Twain's Letters(The Bestseller of 1918) 
EASTWOOD-BIGELOW FAMILY PAPERS, 1840-1897 a Special Collection of the Rush Rhees Library (University of Rochester). Contains some correspondence written by Albert Bigelow Paine 
The New York Times, April 10, 1937
ALBERT B. PAINE, 76, BIOGRAPHER, DEAD: Novelist and Writer of Mark Twain's Life - Stricken in Florida on Way Here. Began as Photographic Supply Dealer - Was Decorated by France for Joan of Arc Book. 
NEW SMYRNA, Fla., April 9 (AP). 
Albert Bigelow Paine of West Redding, Conn., author and biographer, died here tonight after an illness of four weeks. His age was 75. A member of the Pulitzer Prize Committee for many years, he had just finished reading a novel which may bring its author the award next month. Mr. Paine spent the Winter in South Florida and was en route to New York when he was stricken and brought to a hospital here. For the past forty years, Mr. Paine had spent most of his time in Europe and the East. Survivors include the widow, Mrs. Dora L. Paine, who was with her husband; three daughters. Mrs. Louise Paine Benjamin of New York, associate editor of The Ladies' Home Journal; Mrs. Frances Paine Wade of Paris, France, and Mrs. J. H. Cushman of West Redding, and a sister, Mrs. Carry Alexander of Orange Park, Fla. The body will be sent to West Redding for funeral services and burial.
Wrote Twain Biography: Albert Bigelow Paine wrote fiction, humor, verse and edited several magazines, but his outstanding work was a three-volume biography of Mark Twain, with whom he lived and traveled for four years. In addition, he wrote "The Boy's Life of Mark Twain" (1916) and "A Short Life of Mark Twain" (1920). He was Twain's literary executor and arranged for publication of "Mark Twain's Letters" (1917). "Thomas Nast - His Period and His Pictures" (1904) was Mr. Paine's first biography. He also wrote lives of Lillian Gish, Captain Bill MacDonald of the Texas Rangers and George F. Baker, New York banker. Mr. Paine lived for several years in France and wrote "Joan of Arc, Maid of France," and "The Girl in White Armor," works which brought him from the French Government the decoration of Chevalier in the Legion of Honor.His travel books, all widely circulated, included "The Car That Went Abroad," "The Ship Dwellers" and "The Tent Dwellers." His first novel was "The Bread Line" (1900) and he followed it in 1901 with "The Great White Way," a title for Broadway and New York's theatrical district that came into general use.All through the years he turned out skits, sketches and a steady string of books for children, the "Hollow Tree," "Arkansas Bear" and "Deep Woods," the first of which were produced in the Nineties and which are still selling.
Spent Youth in West: Mr. Paine was born July 10, 1861, in New Bedford, Mass., the fifth child of Samuel Estabrook Paine, a Vermont farmer and storekeeper, and Mercy Coval Kirby Paine of South Dartmouth, Mass., daughter of a family of seafaring folk. When he was a year old, the family moved to Bentonsport, Iowa, where the father owned a store and a farm. But in a few months the elder Paine marched away to the Civil War. After the war the family moved to Xenia, Ill. There Mr. Paine attended a one-room school, writing "compositions" for the weekly "literary" exercises. At 20 he went to St. Louis, learned photography, tramped with camera for three years through the South and then set himself up as a dealer in photographic supplies in Fort Scott, Kan. He kept this up for ten years, but wrote, too, and his first book, "Rhymes by Two Friends" (1893), was also the first book of William Allen White, for it was a collection of their verse. A pleasant note from Richard Harding Davis, accepting a Paine story for Harper's Weekly, decided him to turn author in earnest, and in 1895 he sold his photographic business and went to New York.

John Palmer
Looking After Joan
Rudyard Kipling ~ 1915 ~ Nisbet & Co Ltd, London ~ 127 pages 

PAMPHLETS: Master Key Pamphlets - Indians?
John Paris
Kimono ~ 1926 ~ London: W.Collins ~ Pages: 345 Photos

                                              Later Penguin editon from 1947

Gilbert Parker 1862 - 1932
Carnac's Folly  ~ 1923 ~ Limited Edition ~ 256 copies on Japan paper
Online eText Edition:
Donovan Pasha: and Some People of Egypt
Online eText Edition:
The Ladder of Swords (Michel and Angele) (A Tale of Love, Laughter and Tears) 1904 ~ Harper & Bros ~ Iillustrated by the Kinneys, c.1904 ~ 291 pages.
Online eText Edition:
The Seats of the Mighty: A Romance of Old Quebec: Being The Memoirs Of Captain Robert Moray, Sometime An Officer In The Virginia Regiment, And Afterwards Of Amherst's Regiment~ (1896) 1905 ~ A.L. Burt OR Copp Clark Co. (Entered according to Action of the Parliament of Canada in 1896 by Theodore W. Gregory and in 1902 by Gilbert Parker ~ 376 pages.
Online eText Edition
Online eText Edition:

Carnac's Folly
Pierre and His People (1892) 
Online eText Edition:
The Promised Land (1928). 
Online eText Edition:
The Power and the Glory
Online eText Edition:
More Gilbert Parker novels online:


When you and I have play'd the little hour, 
Have seen the tall subaltern Life to Death 
Yield up his sword; and, smiling, draw the breath, 
The first long breath of freedom; when the flower 
Of Recompense hath flutter'd to our feet, 
As to an actor's; and, the curtain down, 
We turn to face each other all alone-- 
Alone, we two, who never yet did meet, 
Alone, and absolute, and free: O then, 
O then, most dear, how shall be told the tale? 
Clasp'd hands, press'd lips, and so clasp'd hands again; 
No words. But as the proud wind fills the sail, 
My love to yours shall reach, then one deep moan 
Of joy, and then our infinite. Alone. 

Art's Use
Art's use! what is it but to touch the springs 
Of nature? But to hold a torch up for 
Humanity in Life's large corridor, 
To guide the feet of peasants and of kings! 
What is it but to carry union through 
Thoughts alien to thoughts kindred, and to merge 
The lines of colour that should not diverge, 
And give the sun a window to shine through! 
What is it but to make the world have heed 
For what its dull eyes else would hardly scan! 
To draw in a stark light a shameless deed, 
And show the fashion of a kingly man! 
To cherish honour, and to smite all shame, 
To lend hearts voices, and give thoughts a name! 

Love's Comradeship

It is enough that in this burdened time 
The soul sees all its purposes aright. 
The rest--what does it matter? Soon the night 
Will come to whelm us, then the morning chime. 
What does it matter, if but in the way 
One hand clasps ours, one heart believes us true; 
One understands the work we try to do, 
And strives through Love to teach us what to say? 
Between me and the chilly outer air 
Which blows in from the world, there standeth one 
Who draws Love's curtains closely everywhere, 
As God folds down the banners of the sun. 
Warm is my place about me, and above, 
Where was the raven, I behold the dove.

Text of "Reunited" 
from The Book of Sorrow. 

Texts of "Art's Use" and "Love's Comradeship"
from A Century of Canadian Sonnets.


Gilbert Parker was born in Canada in 1862 and moved to the U.S.after marrying a New Yorker. He travelled extensively across America. He moved to England in 1890 where he established himself as a successful romantic novelist. He was elected to the House of Commons in 1900 where he represented Gravesend for the Conservative Party. Following the outbreak of the Great War he worked for Britain's War Propaganda Bureau to sway public opinion in America. He produced propaganda pamphlets, including "What is the Matter With England?" (1915), "Is England Apathetic?" (1915) and "An Account of the Origins and Conduct of the Great War" (1915). He retired from politics at the 1918 General Election. His novels and collections of tales usually deal either with the history of Canada or with England and the Empire. 
Gilbert Parker died died in 1932. 
National Parks ~ ??? ~ possibly: 1928 ~ A portfolio is from the United States Department of Interior.  With many pictures of the history of the national parks and monuments. 269 pages of pictures and history.
Fred D. Pasley
Al Capone: The Biography of a Self-Made Man ~ 1931 Ives Washburn ~ 355 pages.
Flyleaf inscription: “Burroughs, Tarzana, February 1931.”
The first of four essential Capone biographies, this by Chicago newspaperman Fred Pasley. While it has the advantage of being written during the time these events occurred, it is not the work of a skilled biographer. No details of Capone's life emerge, and the text waddles around with few grounding points. It has been written elsewhere that Capone representatives reviewed and approved its publication, and, conversely, that Capone was infuriated at its publication. The ending reads like "Alice Through the Looking Glass" on bad bootleg hooch. Excellent accounts of Capone's August 10, 1926, hit attempt against Weiss and Drucci in front of the Standard Oil Building and of the sensational June 9, 1930, murder of fellow newspaperman Jake Lingle. Lively prose with its 1920s crime-reporter lingo, and occasional insights into the tenor of the times. 
Lieutenant-Colonel J. H. Patterson (John Henry Patterson)
The Man-Eaters of Tsavo and Other East African Adventures ~ 1914 ~ MacMillan and Co. London ~ 346 pages 
Inscription on the front free-endpaper: E.R. Burroughs, Tarzana Ranch  with personal bookplate on the front past-down endpaper.
The book is profusely illustrated with 1898/1899 contemporaneous monochrome photography featuring the Lions, other game, the works, personalities and tribes-people.  This is the true story that they based the movie The Ghost and The Darkness on..It has the complete account of the killer lions, how many people they ate and how they were killed..complete with many there are many more stories in this book.

CONTENTS (27 Chapters):- My Arrival at Tsavo; The First Appearance of the Man-Eaters; The Attack on the Goods- Wagon; The Building of the Tsavo Bridge; Troubles with the Workmen; The Reign of Terror; The District Officer’s Narrow Escape; The Death of the First Man-Eater; Do. 2nd.; Completion Tsavo Bridge; The Swahili and other Native Tribes; A Night after Hippo; A Day on the N’Dungu Escarpment; Finding the Man-Eaters’ Den; Unsuccessful Rhino-Hunts; A Widow’s Story; An Infuriated Rhino; Lions on the Athi Plains; The Stricken Caravan; A Day on the Athi River; The Masai and other Tribes; How Roshan Khan saved my Life; A Successful Lion Hun; Bhoota’s Last Shikar; A Man-Eater in a Railway Carriage; Work at Nairobi & Finding of the New Eland. ~ also map and a Facsimile of Address presented to the author, upon his departure from East Africa in 1899, and signed by over 100 of his colleagues and workers.  Considered one of the greatest man-eating sagas of all time, this book is the firsthand account of the infamous Tsavo lions. Written by the legendary officer who shot these lions and risked death several times in the attempt, this is not only the story of this breathtaking hunt, but of Lieutenant-Colonel Patterson's other adventures in the African bush. 

In 1898 John H. Patterson arrived in East Africa with a mission to build a railway bridge over the Tsavo River. What started out as a simple engineering problem, however, soon took on almost mythical proportions as Patterson and his mostly Indian workforce were systematically hunted by two man-eating lions over the course of several weeks. During that time, 100 workers were killed, and the entire bridge-building project ground to a halt. As if the lions weren't enough, Patterson had to guard his back against his own increasingly hostile and mutinous workers as he set out to track and kill the man-eaters. This larger-than-life tale forms the basis of the entertaining film The Ghost and the Darkness, but for readers who want to know the whole--and true--story, The Man-Eaters of Tsavo comes straight from the great white-hunter's mouth.
Read the e-Text
Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson (1865-1947): In March 1898 the British started building a railway bridge over the Tsavo (SAH-vo) River in East Africa. Over the next nine months, two large male lions killed and ate nearly 140 railway workers. Crews tried to scare off the lions and built campfires and thorn fences for protection, but to no avail. Hundreds of workers fled Tsavo, halting construction on the bridge. Before work could resume, chief engineer Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson (1865-1947) had to eliminate the lions and their threat. After many near misses, he finally shot the first lion on December 9, 1898, and three weeks later brought down the second. The first lion killed measured nine feet, eight inches (3 m) from nose to tip of tail. It took eight men to carry the carcass back to camp. The construction crew returned and completed the bridge in February 1899. (The 1996 movie "The Ghost and the Darkness" was based on Patterson's adventures in Tsavo.)

Man-Eaters of the Field Museum
Man-Eaters by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Patterson Bio in Wikipedia
Lewis Stanton Palen
White Devil of the Black Sea (Russian military officer) - NY Minten Balch  1924
insc: ERB May 23 1924 Tarzana
 The White Devil's Mate - 1926

This thrilling true story of adventure is a companion volume of Palen's The White Devil of the Black Sea. The White Devil's Mate is the breathless narrative of a young girl who was brought up a member of the Russian nobility, married the White Devil during the War, and afterwards followed his wild career of hunting the Bolsheviks and being hunted by them, living a life of almost unbelievable romance and adventure. How she helped her daredevil husband in his wild exploits and what she thought of and felt during the days when death and violence hovered like an ever-present shadow over her life, makes a biography even more fascinating and moving than that of her husband.
Beasts, Men and Gods

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