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MABIE, H. W.   Famous Stories Every Child Should Know
MABIE, H. W.   Heroes Every Child Should Know
MACAULAY, Thomas Babington  Lays of Ancient Rome (esp. Horatius At The Bridge)
MACBETH, Roderick George: Policing the Plains; Being the Real-Life Record of the Famous Royal North-West Mounted Police (NY, Hodder & Stoughton, 1921)
MACBETH: Policing the Plains
MacGRATH, Harold   Half A Rogue
MacGRATH, Harold   Parrot & Co.
MacGRATH, Harold   Pidgin Island
MacGRATH, Harold   The Grey Cloak
MacGRATH, Harold   The Pagan Madonna
MacGRATH, Harold   The Sporting Spinster
MacGRATH, Harold   The Yellow Typhoon
MACKAIL, Denis   Romance to the Rescue
MADISON, Lucy Foster   Lafayette
MALLOCH, Douglas   Tote-Road and Trail
MALLOCH: Tote-Road and Trail
MOLNAR, Ferenc: Husbands and Lovers
MALOL, Henri   The Romantic Passion of Don Luis
MANUAL: Field Service Scouting & Patrolling
MANUAL: Interior Guard Duty
MANUAL: Conventional Signs & Military Symbols & Abbreviations
MANUAL: Infantry Drill Regulations
MANUAL: Military Sanitation & First Aid
MANUAL: Infantry Field Manual (Rifle Companies and Rifle Regiments)
MANUAL: Organization & Tactics of Infantry & The Rifle Battalion
MANUAL: List of Publications for Training, including Training Films & Film Strips:
MANUAL: Soldier's Handbook
MARION, Fulgence   The Wonders of Vegetation
MARLOWE, Amy Bell ~ The Girl from Sunset Ranch
MARTIN, George Madden  Emmy Lou Her Book and Heart
MARTIN, George Madden   Emmy Lou's Road to Grace
MARTIN, Martha Evans: The Friendly Stars
MASAVUKE. The White African; the Story of Masavuke “who dies and lives again.” Told by himself at the request of his relatives and friends. Morse Press 1933. Inscribed: “Burroughs, December 1, 1933.
MASEFIELD, John   Jim Davis
MASEFIELD, John   Jim Davis
MASEFIELD, John   Martin Hyde The Duke's Messenger
MASON, Edith Huntington   The Real Agatha
MASON, Walt: Walt Mason, His Book: With Introduction by Irwin S. Cobb (1916)
MASON, Walt. Walt Mason; His Book. With an introduction by Irvin S. Cobb. New York: Barse & Hopkins, Publishers, 1916. Inscribed: “For Edgar Rice Burroughs with best wishes, Walt Mason.” Second inscription: “August 28th, 1916 at Walt Mason’s home, Euphoria Kansas, while en route to Los Angeles on camping tour. ERB.”
MAY, Sophie   Little Prudy Stories
MAYER: Trapping Wild Animals in Malay Jungles
MAZZANOVICH, Anton: Trailing Geronimo ~ 1926 ~ Mazzonovich was with  Troop F. 6th U.S. Cavalry
McCLURES: Tales from McClures (5 volumes)
McCORMICK, Elsie: Audacious Angles on China
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   Cowardice Court
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   The Daughter of Anderson Crow
McCUTCHEON, George Barr    The Flyers
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   From the Housetops
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   Graustark
McCUTCHEON: Graustark
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   Jane Cable
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   The Man from Brodneys
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   Oliver October
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   The Prince of Graustark
McCUTCHEON: The Prince of Graustark
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   The Purple Parasol
McCUTCHEON: The Purple Parasol
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   The Rose in the Ring
McCUTCHEON: Rose in the Ring
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   The Sharrods
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   Sherry
McCUTCHEON, George Barr   Viola Gwyn
McDONALD: France Since the First Empire
McISAAC, F. J.    The Tony Sarg Marionette Book
McKAY: McKay's Handy Dictionary - **** & Norwegian
McLAUGHLIN: McLaughlin's New Pronouncing Dictionary
MELVILLE, Herman   Moby Dick
MEMORIALS: Memorials
MERCUR: Elements of the Art of War
MEYERS: The Middle Ages
MILITARY REFERENCE: American Armies & Battlefields in Europe
MILLER, Alice Duer ~ Manslaughter
MILLER, Alice Duer ~ The Reluctant Duchess
MILLER, Charles K. ~ Excerpts from an Egyptian Manuscript - suede cover - small - to Edgar Rice Burroughs from the Author received FEB 5 1923, K Efyer Chicago, Private From my friend Charles K Miller Chicago
MILLER, Leo E.  Adrift on the Amazon
MILLER, Leo E.   The Hidden People
MILN, Louise Jordan   In a Shantung Garden
MILN, Louise Jordan   Mr. & Mrs. Sen
MILN: Mr. and Mrs. Sen
MILN, Louise Jordan   Mr. Wu
MILN: Mr. Woo
MILN, Louise Jordan   The Purple Mask
MILTON, John ~ Minor Poems, Late English Classics - Nelson
MITCHELL, John Ames Mitchell. ~ The Fragments of Journal from (The Last American: A Fragment From the Journal of Khan-Li, Prince of Dimph-Yoo-Chur and Admiral in the Persian Navy)  1889, Stokes
MITCHELL, John Ames.: Life's Fairy Tales - MDCCCXII 1892
MITCHELL, Margaret: Gone With The Wind ~ 1936: MacMillan ~ 1037 pages ~ Inscription: Signature: "Joan Burroughs Pierce" Gone With The Wind
MITCHELL: Marvels of Nature
MOLESWORTH, Mrs.   The Cuckoo Clock
MOLNAR, Franz   Husbands and Lovers
MONCKTON, Capt.: Taming New Guinea, 1921 , Century, 1925)
MONNETTE, Orra Eugene   Red Shining Star
MONTGOMERY: Franklin (His Life)
MONTGOMERY, Frances Trego   Billy Whiskers
MONTGOMERY, L. M.   Anne's House of Dreams
MONTGOMERY, L. M.   Rilla of Ingleside
MONTGOMERY, L. M.   Rilla of Ingleside
MOORE, Anne Carroll ~ Nicholas
MORGAN, James: Theodore Roosevelt: The Boy and the Man
MORRISON, William  Andrew Melville
MULLINS, Isla May   Uncle Mory
MUNROE, Kirk   The Golden Days of '49
MYSTERY SET: Mysteries of the Court of London (10 volumes) (See Reynolds)

H. W. Mabie
Famous Stories Every Child Should Know
Heroes Every Child Should Know ~ 1908
Online eText:
Essays Every Child Should Know ~ 1908 Doubleday, Page, Co.
Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know, A Selection of the Best Fairy Tales of all Times and of All Authors ~1905 Grosset & Dunlap: A timeless collection of fairy tales from a wide array of classical works.  Fairy Tales include the following works: Enchanted Stag; Twelve Brothers; Puss in Boots; Jack and the Beanstalk; Princess on the Pea; Ugly Duckling; The Light Princess; Beauty and the Beast; Hansel and Gretel; Jack the Giant Killer; Second Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor; Story of Aladdin, or the Wonderful Lamp. These myths record the earliest attempt at an explanation of the world and it's life.  The fairy tale records the free and joyful play of the imagination, opening doors through hard conditions to the spirit, which craves power, freedom and happiness.  Wonderful old tales, wonderfully told in this scarce book.
Myths Every Child Should Know ~ 1905 ~ G&D

Hamilton Wright Mabie: A native of New York State, Hamilton Wright Mabie, graduated from Williams College in 1867 and received his law degree from Columbia in 1869. For a time he served on the staff of the Christian Union, which later became the Outlook, eventually becoming its associate editor. As an essayist and critic, his work was published in many magazines and newspapers. He edited a number of anthologies for children. 

Thomas Babington Macaulay  1800-1859
Lays of Ancient Rome

The Lays of Ancient Rome was once part of high school education in the US. This work is in the form of a general preface, a preface to each poetical work, and the poems or "lays" themselves. The first essay is a general preface about Roman History and our sources includes Horatius, The Battle of the Lake Regillus, Virginia, The Prophecy of Capys, Ivry, and The Armada. There are over 40 illustrations taken from original artworks in the British Museum.

ERB's Favourite Lay: Horatius At The Bridge
See description of the event
Horatius eText

Lays of Ancient RomeLays of Ancient RomeLays of Ancient Rome

Online eText: "Southey's Colloquies" in Macaulay's Historical Essays.

Letter: Albany, March 3, 1853,  "I am sorry to say that I am engaged to dinner on Wednesday the 16th, if I should be able to go out, which is by no means certain. Ever yours truly, TB Macaulay

Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800-1859) ~ The eloquent English historian  was among the earliest authors to recognize how the Industrial Revolution enabled millions to survive and prosper.  In his famous essay "Southey's Colloquies on Society" (1830), he wrote: "In the old world, we must confess ourselves unable to find any satisfactory record of any great nation, past or present, in which he working classes have been in a more comfortable situation than in England during the last thirty years.  When this island was thinly peopled, it was barbarous; there was little capital; and that little was insecure.  It is now the richest and most highly civilised spot in the world; but the population is dense...when we compare our own condition with that of our ancestors, we think it clear that the advantages arising from the progress of civilisation have far more than counterbalanced the disadvantages arising from the progress of population.  While our numbers have increased tenfold, our wealth has increased a hundredfold...

"People live longer because they are better fed, better lodged, better clothed, and better attended in sickness, and…these improvements are, owing to that increase of national wealth which the manufacturing system has produced…We see in almost every part of the annals of mankind how the industry of individuals, struggling up against wars, taxes, famines, conflagrations, mischievous prohibitions, and more mischievous protections, creates faster than any governments can squander, and repairs whatever invaders can destroy. We see the wealth of nations increasing, and all the arts of life approaching nearer and nearer to perfection, in spite of the grossest corruption and the wildest profusion on the part of rulers." 

Roderick George Macbeth 1858-1934
Policing the Plains; Being the Real-Life Record of the Famous Royal North-West Mounted Police 1921 (NY, Hodder & Stoughton); 320 pages
MacBeth is unsympathetic to the Métis cause and claims that they had no right to engage in the Resistance of 1885. The NWMP, on the other hand, are placed in a favourable light. They had done their duty in warning the authorities of the coming rebellion. When it finally did break out, they were quick to do their part in suppressing it. The book shows no indication of research or documentation.

The making of the Canadian West: being the reminiscences of an eye-witness: 1898 ~  W. Briggs ~  230 pages

Roderick George MacBeth was born in the Red River colony and lived through both Manitoba Rebellions. His book concentrates on the events in Manitoba, but includes two chapters on the Northwest Rebellion. He has some sympathy for the métis and Indians plight, but depicts Riel as an ambitious madman.

Web Resources:
Red River Rebellion

Harold MacGrath
Half A Rogue
Online eText Edition:
Alternate eText:
Parrot & Co. ~1913 Bobbs-Merrill Co ~ B&W illustrations and glossy color plates (4) ~ Color: Andre Castaigne and B&W by Arthur William Brown. 
Parrot & CoParrot art by Andre Castaigne
Parrot art by Arthur William Brown.
Pidgin Island
The Grey Cloak 1903 G&D NY  illustrations by Thomas Mitchell Peirce
The Pagan Madonna
The Sporting Spinster
The Yellow Typhoon

Hearts and Masks Bobbs-Merrill Indianapolis 1905 1905, Bobbs-Merrill Co. Contains ten (10) full page black and white prints by Harrison Fisher 
The Ragged Edge
The Goose Girl 1909 illustrations by Andre Castaigne. The Bobbs-Merrill Co
The Man on the Box: llustrated by scenes from Walter N. Lawrence's  production of the play as seen for 123 nights at the Madison Square Theatre, NY Grosset & Dunlap, New York - 1904 
Online eText Edition:
Alternate Online eText:
The Carpet from Bagdad A.L. Burt Co. ©1911
Lure of the Mask 1908: Illustrations by Harrison Fisher and Karl Anderson.  Bobbs Merrill Co.
Drums of Jeopardy:
The Puppet Crown
Online eText Edition:
Alternate Online eText:

Denis Mackail
Romance to the Rescue

The Square Circle ~ 1931 Houghton Mifflin Co~  One of MacKail's most popular and critically acclaimed novels, this follows the lives of the Londoners who live around Tiverton Square  for 10 months. Although MacKail was a writer long before his older sister started producing novels under her second married name of  Angela Thirkell, she is more remembered today; her novels are more factual one of the small town, middle class, England. MacKail's,  which focus more on the upper middle class of London, are enlivened by his commentary on 'life' - an attitude influenced by his long friendship with P. G. Wodehouse.

Greenery Street ~ PG Wodehouse described this 1925 novel as ‘so good that it makes one feel that it's the only possible way of writing a book, to take an ordinary couple and just tell the reader all about them.’ Greenery Street can be read on two levels – it is a touching description of a young couple's first year together in London, but it is also a homage – something rare in fiction – to happy married life. Ian and Felicity Foster are shown as they arrive at 23 Greenery Street, an undisguised and still unchanged Walpole Street in Chelsea. Their uneventful but always interesting everyday life is the main subject of a novel that evokes the charmingly contented and timeless while managing to be both funny and profound about human relations. Denis Mackail was a grandson of Edward Burne-Jones on his mother's side and son of JW Mackail, the eminent classical scholar; his sister was the novelist Angela Thirkell. He wrote nearly a book a year for thirty years. 
Greenery Street, Persephone Book No. 35, was written in 1925 when Denis Mackail was forty. It looks back with happiness and a tinge of nostalgia to 1917, eight years previously, when he was twenty-five and had come to live in 'Greenery' Street in Chelsea with his twenty-one year-old wife.
Bill the Bachelor ~ Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1922.
The story of  Sir James Matthew Barrie A Biography ~ London: Peter Davies, 1941. 736 pages, 

Denis Mackail wrote nearly a book a year between 1920 and 1950; and  Greenery Street is the best, which was also the view of Allen Lane of Penguin, who reissued it as a very early Penguin in 1937. After his wife died, in 1949 when she was only 53, Denis stopped writing; this book remains as a memorial to their life between 1917, when they came to Walpole Street, and 1923, when they left to move to a larger house (and, coincidentally, were succeeded by the newly-married Jan Maxtone-Grahame, the 'Jan Struther' who would later write Mrs Miniver set in much the same kind of house). 'Oh dear,' Denis wrote in 1942, 'how often I dream that we are back there. For nothing can ever take the place or dull the memory of the first little house, and even Greenery Street failed to get it out of my system.'

Lucy Foster Madison
Lafayette 1921 Penn Publishing Co. -  Illustrations by Frank Schoonover

A biography of Marquis de Lafayette with Letters Signed by Lafayette, Admiral D’ Estaing, and Rochambeau. Two volumes. Includes three letters signed by Lafayette, Admiral d’Estaing (p. 216-17), Edward Everett (p.362-63), Rochambeau (p. 254-55), maps of the revolutionary War period and over one hundred engraved portraits. Page 278 contains a check signed by James Madison.

Saint Joan of Arc: 1918 Penn.  Illustrated by Frank E. Schoonover.Eight color plates, several nice b&w vignettes, and 28 chapter heads. Some of his most evocative and dramatic work. 389 pages.
Lincoln: 1928: NY. Hampton Publishing Co 368 pages. Six full-page colour illustrations by Frank E. Schoonover This children's book is, ..."The plain story of one of the greatest of America's patriots and statesmen." 
Washington: 1925 Hampton 1925. 399 pages of text with a full color frontispiece and 5 color plates by Frank E. Schoonover.
A Maid of the First Century 1900: The tale regards the conflict between Celtic and Roman, Druidic and Christian culture. There are several interior plates by Ida Waugh.
Captain Kitty Colonel
Wrote the Peggy Owen series:
Peggy Owen: A Story for Girls ~ 1908/1920 illustrated by H.J. Peck. Penn.
Peggy Owen, Patriot: A Story for Girls: 1910/1925  illustrated by H.J. Peck. Penn.
Peggy Owen at Yorktown: 1911/1925 -- illustrated by H.J. Peck. Penn.
Peggy Owen and Her Liberty: 1912/1922 --  illustrated by H.J. Peck.  Penn.
A Daughter of the Union  1903 Penn Publishing Illustrated by Clyde O. Deland with 7 full-page plates Octavo344 pages, illustrated with 7 full page plates. A novel of the Civil War.

Art by Frank Schoonover

Lincoln illustrations by Frank Schoonover
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