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BACHELLER, Irving   Keeping up with Lizzie
BACHELLER, Irving: Keeping Up with Lizzie
BAILEY, Carolyn Sherwin   Wonder Stories
BAILEY, Liberty Hyde: Rural Science Series
BAILEY, Irene Temple   Contrary Mary
BAILEY, Irene Temple   The Dim Lantern
BAILEY, Irene Temple   The Gay Cockade
BAILEY, Irene Temple   Glory of Youth
BAILEY, Irene Temple   Mistress Anne
BAILEY, Irene Temple   Peacock Feathers
BAILEY, Irene Temple   The Tin Soldier
BAILEY, Irene Temple   The Trumpeter Swan
BALDWIN, James   Fifty Famous Stories Retold
BALDWIN, John Dennison: Pre-Historic Nations; or, Inquiries Concerning Some of the Great Peoples and Civilizations of Antiquity (NY, Harper, no date)
BANGS, John Kendrick   Paste Jewels
BANKS, Edgar James: Bismya: Or, the Lost City of Adar...Explorations of the Ruins of the Oldest of the Buried Cities of Babylonia (NY, Putnam, 1912)
BARBOUR, Ralph Henry   Fourth Down
BARRETT S.M.: Geronimo's Story of His Life ~ 1907 ~ NY: Duffield & Co.
BARRIE, J. M.   The Admirable Crichton
BARRINGTON, E.   The Divine Lady
BARLETT, John: Familiar Quotations - Bartlett (10th Ed.)
BAUM, L. Frank   Glinda of Oz
BAUM, L. Frank   Rinki-Tink in Oz
BAUM, L. Frank   The Yellow Hen
BAUMAN, John Edmiston: Out of the Valley of the Forgotten (2 volumes) or, From Trinil to New York
BAXTER, Billy: Billy Baxter's Letters
BECKER & MARA: Spanish Idioms
BECKWITH, EGA: Soldier's Language Manual by EGA Beckwith
BELASCO, David   The Girl of the Golden West
BELL, Sir Charles: Tibet
BELL, Pearl Doles   Sandra
BENCHLEY, Robert C.   Love Conquers All
BENCHLEY: Robert C. My Ten Years in a Quandary
BENNETT, Arnold ~ Elsie and the Child
BERGE, Victor and Henry Wysham Lanier:  Pearl Diver Adventuring Over and Under Southern Seas
BERTINI, EMMA: English Italian Comp Idioms
BIBLE: New Indexed Bible
BIERCE, Ambrose ~ Devil's Dictionary -  World Pub 1943 (1906)
BIGGERS, Earl Dere    The Chinese Parrot
BIRMINGHAM, George A.   Spanish Gold
BLACK, Dorothy   Romance The Loveliest Thing
BLACKBURN, Henry   Artists and Arabs
BLACKBURN, Henry   Normandy Picturesque
BLANCK, Jacob: Peter Parley to Penrod: A Bibliographical Description of the Best-loved American Juvenile Books
BONNEY, Thomas George: Story of our Planet
BONSELS, Waldemar   The Adventures of Maya the Bee
BOOK: No Author ~ Soldiers of Fortune
BORDEN, Mary   Three Pilgrims and a Tinker
BOTT, Capt. Alan MC   Cavalry of the Clouds
BOURKE, John G.: Apache Medicine-Men
BOWEN, Marjorie   Stinging Nettles
BOWEN, William   The Outcast Gnome
BOYESEN, Hjalmar Hjorth   Gunnar
BOYESEN, Hjalmar Hjorth   The Modern Vikings
BRADY, Cyrus Townsend    Richard the Brazen
BRAND, Max   Alcatraz
BRAND, Max   The Untamed
BRERETON, Lt. Col.   With the Allies to the Rhine
BRINGOLF, Lieutenant: I Have No Regrets
BRISBIN, James: Trees and Tree Planting
BRITANNICA: Britannica Book of Years (5 volumes) ~ 1944-1948
BROMFIELD, Louis   Possession
BROMFIELD, Louis   The Green Bay Tree
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy Dainty
BROOKS, Amy Brooks ~ Dorothy Dainty at Crestville
BROOKS, Amy Brooks ~ Dorothy Dainty at Foam Ridge
BROOKS, Amy Brooks ~ Dorothy Dainty at Gem Island
BROOKS, Amy Brooks ~ Dorothy Dainty at Glenmore
BROOKS, Amy Brooks ~ Dorothy Dainty at Home
BROOKS, Amy Brooks ~ Dorothy Dainty at School
BROOKS, Amy Brooks ~ Dorothy Dainty at the Mountain
BROOKS, Amy Brooks ~ Dorothy Dainty at the Shore
BROOKS, Amy Brooks ~ Dorothy Dainty at the Stone House
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy Dainty in the City
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy Dainty in the Country
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy Dainty's Gay Times
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy Dainty's Holidays
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy Dainty's New Friends
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy Dainty's Vacation
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy Dainty's Visit
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy Dainty's Winter
BROOKS, Amy ~ Dorothy's Playmates
BROOKS, Amy ~ Princess Polly
BROOKS, Amy ~ Princess Polly At Play
BROOKS, Amy ~ Princess Polly by the Sea
BROOKS, Amy ~ Princess Polly In School
BROOKS, Amy ~ Princess Polly's Gay Winter
BROOKS, Amy ~ Princess Polly's Playmates
BROOKS, Amy ~ Prue at School
BROOKS, Amy ~ Prue's Jolly Winter
BROOKS, Amy ~ Prue's Little Friends
BROOKS, Amy ~ Prue's Merry Times
BROOKS, Amy ~ Prue's Playmates
BROOKS, William E.: Lee of Virginia
BUCK, Pearl S.: The Promise
Buel, J.W.  Heroes of the Dark Continent or How Stanley Found Emin Pasha
BURBRIDGE, Ben: Gorilla: Tracking and Capturing The Great Ape-Man of Africa
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Blacky the Crow
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Bobby Coon
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Bowser the Hound
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Chatterer The Little Red Squirrel
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Grandfather Frog
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Happy Jack
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Jimmy Skunk
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Jimmy Skunk
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Johnny Chuck
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Lightfoot the Deer
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Mother West Wind "How" Stories
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Mother West Wind "When" Stories
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Mother West Wind "Where" Stories
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Mother West Wind's Animal Friends
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Mrs. Peter Rabbit
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Ol' Mistah Buzzard
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Old Granny Fox
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Old Man Coyote
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Old Mr. Toad
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Paddy the Beaver
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Poor Mrs. Quack
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Prickly Porky
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Reddy Fox
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Sammy Jay
BURGESS, Thornton W.   The Adventures of Bob White
BURGESS, Thornton W.   The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse
BURGESS, Thornton W.   The Adventures of Mistah Buzzard
BURGESS, Thornton W.   The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad
BURGESS, Thornton W.   The Boy Scouts in a Trapper's Camp
BURGESS, Thornton W.   The Boy Scouts on the Lost Trail
BURGESS, Thornton W.   The Goop Encyclopedia
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Tommy and the Wishing Stone
BURGESS, Thornton W.   West Wind's Children
BURGESS, Thornton W.   Whitefoot the Wood Mouse
BURKE, Thomas   Limehouse Nights
BURNETT, Frances Hodgson   The Head of the House of Coombe
BURNETT, Frances Hodgson: Head of the House of Coombe
BURNETT, Francis Hodgeson ~ Emma's book - Sara Crew and...
BURNETT, Frances Hodgson   The Land of the Blue Flowers
BURNETT, Frances Hodgson   Little Lord Fauntleroy
BURNETT, Frances Hodgson   Little Lord Fauntleroy
BURNETT, Frances Hodgson   The Lost Prince
BURNETT, Frances Hodgson   Robin
BURNETT, Frances Hodgson   The Shuttle
BURNHAM, Clara Louise   Jewel
BURNHAM, Clara Louise   Jewel's Story Book
BURNHAM, Major Frederick Russell, D.S.O.: Scouting on Two Continents
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice: E.R.B. Books
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice: E.R.B. Books
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice: Letters
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice: Old Clippings
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice: E.R.B. Personal Diaries
BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice Burroughs: Tarzan of the Apes Original 1st Editions (2 copies)
BURROUGHS, Mary E.: Memoirs of a War Bride
BURTON, Beatrice ~ Footloose
BURTON, Beatrice ~ Her Man
BURTON, Beatrice ~ Lovebound
BURTON, Beatrice ~ The Flappers Wife
BUTLER, George F.: Travail of a Soul
BUTTS, Archie: Letters (from the personal aide to President Theodore Roosevelt).  (NY, Doubleday, l924)
BYRNE, Donn   Blind Rafterty
Irving Bacheller
Keeping up with Lizzie ~ 1911 ~ Harper Bros./Grosset & Dunlap  ~ Illustrated by W.H.D. Koerner
Online eText:

Eben Holden, A Tale of the North Country
The Master of Silence
Addison Irving BachellerAddison Irving Bacheller1859-1950, American novelist, b. Pierpont, N.Y., grad. St. Lawrence Univ., 1882. In 1884 he founded the first newspaper syndicate in the United States. His novels, chiefly concerned with early American life, include Eben Holden (1900), D'ri and I (1901), and A Man for the Ages (1919).
Addison Irving Bacheller was born in Pierrepont, NY, on September 26, 1859 and died in White Plains, NY, on February 24, 1950.  Bacheller describes Pierrepont as being  "a few miles from the St. Lawrence River and the edge of the Adirondack wilderness."   While at St. Lawrence University, he received his B.S. in 1882 and founded the Alpha  Omicron Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega.   This brought the formerly all-southern fraternity to the north and helped to break down sectional barriers.  After his graduation, he moved to New York City  to join the staff of the   Brooklyn Daily Times.  In 1884, Bacheller founded the first newspaper syndicate in America, the Bacheller Syndicate, to supply special articles to large Sunday newspapers.  One of the main contributions of this syndicate was the discovery of Stephen Crane and the serializing of the Red Badge of Courage.  Similarly, Bacheller introduced Joseph Conrad, Rudyard Kipling, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the American reading public through the syndicate.  Although Bacheller was appointed Sunday editor of The New York World under Joseph Pulitzer in 1898, he discontinued his journalist work in 1900,  because he wanted to devote all of his time to his new found interest in writing fiction.  His first book, Master of Silence had been published in 1892, followed  by Still House of O'Darrow in 1894.  However, it was not until he became a full  time writer that his real success began with his best seller Eben Holden,  published in 1900.  His fame as a novelist placed him in demand, and he joined the lecture circuit, with James Pond as his agent, reading selections from his novels, essays and  short stories. He also served as a war correspondent during W.W.I in France.  Bacheller was always interested in education and young people.  He served on the boards of trustees of both St. Lawrence University and Rollins College in   Florida.  He also established the Irving Bacheller Contest, an essay and oratorical contest for Florida high school students, and endowed a professorship of creative writing at Rollins College.  He received two honorary masters degrees from St. Lawrence and honorary doctorates from St. Lawrence, Middlebury College, and Rollins College.  It is also important to note that from the tower of Gunnison Chapel, the Bacheller Memorial Chimes ring daily over the St. Lawrence campus and recall  to the present generation its donor, Irving Bacheller.
Wikpedi Entry
Carolyn Sherwin Bailey  1875 - 1961
Wonder Stories: The Best Myth For Boys And Girls ~ 1920 ~ Milton Bradley ~ Illustrated by Clara Miller Burd. 
Some of the stories included in this volume are: How the Myths Began; What Became of the Giants; How Orion Found His Sight; The Wonders Venus Wrought; How Mars Lost a Battle; Cadmus, the Alphabet King; The Horn of Plenty; When Apollo was Herdsman; How Hyacinthus Became a Flower; A Little Errand Girl's New Dress; When Proserpine was Lost; How a Huntress Became a Bear; Medea's Cauldron; How a Wooden Horse Won a War; and others.


For the Children's Hour ~ 1906
Online eText Edition:
Children of the Handcrafts 1935 Viking Press: tells the history of how the youth of our  country played an important role in the development of handcrafts.
Miss Hickory: A story about Miss Hickory, a country woman whose body was an applewood twig and whose head was a hickory nut
Tell Me Another Story ~ 1918 ~ Milton Bradley Co.
Carolyn Sherwin Bailey (October 25, 1875 December 23, 1961), best known for her Newbery Award winning Miss Hickory,  is the author of many books and anthologies for children. She was an American children's author. She was born in Hoosick Falls, New York and attended Teachers College, Columbia University, from which she graduated in 1896. She contributed to the Ladies' Home Journal and other magazines, and published volumes of stories for children, methods of story telling, methods of teaching children, etc.
1861 - Born on the 25th of October in Hoosick Falls, New York.
1896 - Finished her studies in Columbia University and attended as teacher.
1917 - She wrote the Boys and Girls of Colonial Days.
1919 - Followed by her second book Broad Stripes and Bright Stars. 
1922 - This year she wrote Flint and The Story of a Trail. 
1923 - Friendly Tales.
1906 - She wrote For the Children's Hour. 
1947 - Her book Miss Hickory won the Newbery Medal.
1961 - She on the 23rd of December.


Liberty Hyde Bailey      1858-1954
Rural Science Series: The principles of agriculture: a text-book for schools and rural societies / edited by L.H. Bailey ~ 1900 ~ MacMillan
Hokkaido University Online Library
Liberty Hyde Bailey 1858-1954 
A Michigan Born Visionary (1858-1954)
Liberty Hyde Bailey was an American polymath. His work during the 20th century impacted so many areas of study that it is difficult assign Bailey a singular historical role.  A naturalist at heart, Bailey's childhood passion for learning the living world around him brought acclaim for his visionary work in Botany, Education, Environmentalism and Horticulture. 

Bailey was an outstanding author, botanist, and horticulturist. He was born at South Haven, Michigan, and was reared on a farm. Bailey attended Michigan Agricultural College, now Michigan State University, where he graduated in 1882. He received the L.L.D. from the University of Wisconsin in 1907, and other honorary degrees from various colleges and universities. He was an assistant of Asa Gray, Professor of Botany at Harvard University in 1882-83 and Professor of Horticulture and Landscape Gardening at Michigan Agricultural College from 1885-88. He became professor of Horticulture at Cornell University in 1888, a post he held until 1903 when he became Dean and Director. He gave up this position in 1913 to make explorations and study various plant forms and species of horticultural importance. He established the Bailey Hortorium at Ithaca, New York, where he spent the last years of his life. He received numerous medals from national and foreign societies and was a member of domestic and foreign scientific, botanical, and horticultural societies.
Dr. Bailey was voted one of the three outstanding living horticulturists several years prior to his death. He was editor of Cyclopedia of American Horticulture six volumes (reprinted three volumes, 1910-1932); Rural Science series; and Rural Textbook series.

Bailey Museum
Wikipedia Entry
Columbian Exposition
Temple Bailey (Irene Temple Bailey) 187? - 1953
Contrary Mary ~ 1914 ~ Penn Publishing 
The Dim Lantern: 1924 G&D  344 pages
First Line: Sherwood Park is twelve miles from Washington. Starting as a somewhat pretentious suburb on the main line of the railroad, it was blessed with easy accessibility until encroaching trolleys swept the tide of settlement away from it, and left it high and dry--its train service, unable to compete with modern motor vehicles, increasingly inefficient.
The Gay Cockade: 1921 G&D 398 pages Frontispiece by C.E. Chambers
Contents: The Gay Cockade, The Hidden Land, White Birches, The Emperor's Ghost, The Red Candle, Returned Goods, Burned Toast, Petronella, The Canopy Bed, Sandwich Jane, Lady Crusoe, A Rebellious Grandmother, Wait-For Prince Charming, Beggars on Horseback The Tin Soldier The Trumpeter Swan
Glory of Youth: 1919 ~ G&D  illustrated by Hutt and Corson
Mistress Anne  1917 ~ Penn Publishing 
Peacock Feathers: 1924 G&D 346 pages Illustrated by Coles Philips
The Trumpeter Swan ~ 1920 ~ G&D
The Tin Soldier ~ 1918 ~ Penn Publishing Co Illustrations by F. Vaux Wilson ~ No. 8 Seller of 1918

She flashed a quick glance at him.
Contrary Mary Frontispiece by Charles S. Corson
"She flashed a quick glance at him."

The Gay Cockade Frontispiece
"And here, day after day, he sat alone."

Glory of Youth Frontispiece
"He imprisoned the small hand."

Mistress Anne Frontispiece by F. Vaux Wilson
She showed him her school.

The Tin Solder Frontispiece by Wilson
"I shall come back for more"

The Trumpeter Swan Frontispiece by AB Stephens
When I'm married will you sound your trumpet. . .

Enchanted Ground: 1933 G&D
Silver Slippers: 1928 G&D 360 pages This is the story of romance that began originally in the dream of a young woman.
The Eternal Feminine: Online eText Edition:

Temple Bailey: 187? - 1953
Irene Temple Bailey, an American novelist and short story writer, began publishing her work in national magazines in the first years of the 1900s. Her work appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, Cosmopolitan, McClure's and other magazines. Several of her novels became bestsellers, including The Tin Soldier (1918), The Dim Lantern (1922) and The Blue Window (1926). A screenwriter as well as a novelist, Bailey wrote the screenplay for the 1914 film Auntie, and also had some of her books, such as Peacock Feathers (1924) adapted to film. 
Wikipedia Entry
James Baldwin   1841-1925
Fifty Famous Stories Retold ~ 1896 ~ American Book Co. 

A Story Of The Golden Age 1896 Howard NY: Charles Scribner's Sons - Illustrated by Pyle

James Baldwin (editor and author) (18411925), American educator and administrator from Indiana; wrote widely-used textbooks and popular education books for children 
John Dennison Baldwin 1809-1883
Pre-Historic Nations; or, Inquiries Concerning Some of the Great Peoples and Civilizations of Antiquity (NY, Harper)

Ancient America, in notes on American archæology (New York : Harper, 1871.)
Online eText & Illustrations at:
1870s Steel EngravingJohn Denison Baldwin: (1809-1883) journalist, born in North Stonington, Connecticut; died in Worcester, Massachusetts. He supported himself from the age of fourteen, pursued academic, legal, and theological studies in New Haven, and received the honorary degree of master of arts from Yale College. He was licensed to preach in 1833, was pastor of a Church in North Branford, Connecticut, for several years, and made a special study of archaeology. He became editor of the "Republican," an anti-slavery journal, published in Hartford, and subsequently of the "Commonwealth," published in Boston. From 1859 he owned and edited the "Worcester Spy." He was elected to congress in 1863, and re-elected twice.
From Wikipedia
John Denison Baldwin (September 28, 1809 July 8, 1883) was an American politician, Congregationalist minister, newspaper editor, and popular anthropological writer. He was a member of the Connecticut State House of Representatives and later a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Massachusetts.

Worcester Rural Cemetery ~ Worcester ~ Worcester County ~ Massachusetts, USA
John Kendrick Bangs 1862 - 1922
Paste Jewels | Gutenberg
From the preface:
It may interest the readers of this collection of tales, if there should be any such, to know that the incidents upon which the stories are based are unfortunately wholly truthful. They have one and all come under the author's observation during the past ten years, and with the exception of "Mr. Bradley's Jewel," concerning whom it is expressly stated that she was employed through lack of other available material, not one of the servants herein made famous or infamous, as the case may be, was employed except upon presentation of  references written by responsible persons that could properly have been given only to domestics of the most sterling character. It is this last fact that points the moral of the tales here presented, if it does not adorn them.  J. K. B.


Mr. Bonaparte of Corsica:
Mr. Bonaparte of Corsica: 1895.Harper & Bros., NY ~ Illustrations by H.W. McVickar
A House-Boat on the Styx ~ 1896 Harper & Bros. NY .
The Pursuit of the House Boat: 1897 Harper & Brothers
Houseboat on the Styx
Houseboat on the Styx is the first example of what actually became a genre called "Bangsian Fantasy". That is it is a fantasy set in the afterlife involving the "shades" of famous dead persons and literary characters. It sounds rather ghastly but it delighted readers when it came out in 1895. Around the turn of the century in England, houseboats were becoming increasingly popular as "clubhouses" because they avoided pub licensing rules and were permitted to sell beer on Sundays. On the theory that "as above, so below" the dwellers of Hades decide to build a houseboat. It is designed by Noah as a replica of the Ark and of course there ensues an hilarious debate because no one is quite sure how long a cubit is. At any rate the affair is thoroughly documented by James Boswell. Both authors and their famous creations are represented. Hamlet, Sir Walter Raleigh, Queen Elizabeth, Samuel Johnson and Oliver Goldsmith are all involved.  171 pages plus 21 illustrations
1. A Houseboat on the Styx: Being Some Account of the Divers Doings of the Associated Shades (1895)
2. The Pursuit of the Houseboat: Being Some further Account of the Divers Doings of the Associated Shades, Under the Leadership of Sherlock Holmes (1897)
3. Mr. Munchausen: Being a True Account of Some of the Recent Adventures Beyond the Styx of the Late Hieronymus Carl Friedrich, Sometime Baron Munchausen of Bodenwerder (1901)
1. The Idiot (1895)
 2. The Idiot at Home (1902)
3. The Inventions of the Idiot (1904)
 4. The Genial Idiot (1908)
5. Half-Hours With the Idiot (1917)
Roger Camerden: A Strange Story (1887)
Toppleton's Client: Or A Spirit In Exile (1893)
Mr. Bonaparte of Corsica (1895)
A Rebellious Heroine (1896)
Emblemland (1902)
Olympian Nights (1902)
Uncle Sam Trustee (1902)
Mrs. Raffles: Being the adventures of an amater crackswoman.
Narrated by Bunny (1905)
A Proposal under Difficulties (1905)
R. Holmes and Co.: Being the Remarkable Adventures of Raffles
Holmes, Esq, Detective And Amateur Cracksman By Birth (1906)
Alice in Blunderland: An Iridescent Dream (1907)
The Autobiography of Methuselah (1909)
Echoes of Cheer (1912)
The Time Shop (1999)
When Bobby notices that the old Grandfather clock is beckoning to him, little does he know what wonderful adventure awaits. Transported to the Time Shop, the boy learns to spend his time wisely and to watch out for that ultimate time thief--Procrastination! Bobby returns with a new understanding of time and a great Christmas gift for his mother. 
The Enchanted Typewriter
Mr.Bonepart of Corsica

John Kendrick Bangs wrote comic, occasionally savage, spoof fantasy. His name is immortalised in the term "Bangsian Fantasy" - fantasy set in the afterlife, of which Philip Jose Farmer's Riverworld series is a direct descendent.



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