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Official ERB, Inc. Corporate Site
OffIcial ERB, Inc. Site:
Official John Coleman Burroughs Tribute
Bill Hillman's ERBzine ~ Web's First and Only Weekly ERB Webzine
ERBzine Archive of the thousands of ERBzines and Webpages 
Danton Burroughs Family Archive Site
G. T. McWhorter's Offiicial Burroughs Bulletin Index
Burroughs Bibliophiles Bulletin
John Coleman Burroughs Tribute
Jane Ralston Burroughs Tribute
The Tarzan Dot Org Site
Hillman & ERBzine Refs in
Jim Thompson's ERBCOF-List: Chain of Friendship Listserv
The National Capital Panthans
Tarzana Project: ERB's Forgotten Tales of Love and Murder
Tarzan of the Internet
BUNKUM - Tarzan Movie Guide
Elmo's Barsoomian Blade Books! Earth's Biggest Bookstore
Wayne's Old Time Radio Web Page
Tarzan® Daily Strips and Sunday Pages Archive
ERB Movie Making Locations by Jerry Schneider
Mars Nomenclature
Buy Property on Mars
Dark Horse Comics
ERB in Oak Park
Edgar Rice Burroughs Texts On-line from Project Gutenberg
Summary Outlines of the Tarzan Novels
Tarzana, California
Tarzan en Jane (European site - Weissmuller Tarzan films)
Hillman Collection
ERB Ring Circle of WebSites
ERBCOF-L Chain of Friendship Listserver
The World of the Eternal Savage
A Detailed Summary of Tarzan the Ape Man (1932)
A Detailed Summary of Tarzan and His Mate (1934)
Edgar Rice Burroughs-Master Story Teller
ERB: The Works - Illustrated Chron-Logs and Bibliographies
Rod Hunsicker ERB Fan Fiction and Essays
Talk About ERB
Disney Tarzan (Mexican)
Caz's PULPDOM MAGAZINE (spinoff of ERBdom Fanzine)
Tarak's Lands of Adventure
Thuvia's Homepage
Tarzan WebRing
Robert E. Howard United Press Associatioin
Jungle Girl Serial
The Worlds of William Stout
Stilleto Blade Reviews
Facsimile Dust Jackets: Burroughs, etc.
The Story of Argosy: In the Pulp Rack
KwMap: A Keywork Site for the Whole Internet
Science Fiction Fanzines on-line 
The Mike Resnick Web Resource
Heritage Comics
Tarzan "Racism" Features In-Depth Interviews
Holland Meets ERB: Ron de Laat Website
Maps of Barsoom
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America
Nederlandse Bibliografie van ERB
Australian Science Fiction Forum
Jungle Girl Serials
Jetan-Sarang by James Spratt
Holloway Pulp Heroes: John Carter of Mars
A Princess of Mars Mad Lib
Proposed Art for John Carter Movie 1970
Comic Book Data Base
Tarzan Zerbini Circus Fact Sheet
Paul Norman's Gateway Story Magazine
Tarzan The Series Forum
Charles Nuetzel's Haldolen Universe
Aphelion Webzine
Harry Knowles' Ain't It Cool News
Rick Johnson's ERB Site
ERBzine featured in Gateway Zine
The Art of Bob McLeod
Barsoom Art by many artists
Pulp Fiction Links at Adventure Fiction Online
Serial Squadron Cliffhanger Film Serials: Tarzan, etc.
Richard M. Powers
H.P. Lovecraft
Captain Spectre and the Lightning Legion
Harry Roland's ERB Art Gallery
Tarzan, The Legend
Mike Hoffman Art
Tarzan Forever: NY Times Excerpt
SF Recollections by Richard Lupoff
Tarzan Radio: 30 eps from 1932 on Newport Vintage Books Site
Tarzan Theme in Sermon of the Week
Me Jane, You Tarzan!
Throw Mama From the Tree
Tarzan the Ape Man on CoolCinemaTrash
ERB Bio in Children's Recess
Search for images on the Web
Tarzan's Disney Tree House
Rebels of Mars Blog
Oldies On DVD
ERB Media List
Africa Photos by Nick Brandt
Great List of SF Links on Fred Kiesche's Blog
ERB Artist Arthur Suydam Site
Angelic Entertainment
John Guidry Photos Surviving Katrina
Robert Hunton Site: ERB Researcher
Lost Cities of Barsoom
The Pulp Rack
The Comic Buyer's Guide
Tarzan in China Travelogue Pics
The UK SciFi Site ~ April 2006 Edition
Artist Tom Floyd's Captain Spectre Site
Tarzan in Terror Orstralis (Australia)
Me Line to Edgar Rice Burroughs (genealogy)
Gutenberg Consortia Black Mask
J.J.'s OTRadio Logs - '30s-'50s Online ERB PD Books
Golden Age of Comics Blog Art
Tarzan Video Wall
Mike Resnick's Homepage
Feral Folk
Tarzan Languages
George Dodds' William Murray Graydon Site
Arthur and Irwin Porges
Ted McKosky's ERB of the Media
Art Resources
Brian Bohnett's Edgar Rice Burroughs MySpace Site
SF: Dark Roasted Blend
Jeff Doten's Venusian Blog
Jeff Doten's Barsoomia
Jeff Long's Panthan Press: Podcasts - Videos - Blog - etc.
Down Memory Lane with Johnny Weissmuller's Tarzan
Tarzana Community and Cultural Centre
e-Fanzines: SF Fanzines Online
Michael Tierney's Comics History 
Bernie Wrightson Art
Caroline Munroe Website
Llana Jane Burroughs Jewelry
Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell Art Site
New ERB Weekly Colour Comics from ERB, Inc.
Second Official ERB, Inc. Site:
Tarzine: Monthly Webzine from ERB, Inc.
The Burroughs Bibliophiles Site
Tarzana Community & Cultural Center:
ERB LifeLine Bio in Hypertext
Transportals to the Entire Hillman ERB Cosmos
von Horst's Pellucidar
Classic Images: The Silent Apemen
Rob Greer's The Burroughs Bulletin On-Line
Patrick Adkins' Dream Vaults of Opar
Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle: ERB's Mini Book
The First Movie Tarzan: Stellen Windrow
ECOF 2000 - Clarksville, Tennessee
Jeffrey Jones Art Tribute Site
Jeffrey Jones Official Homepage: Galleries
Phil Normand's Recoverings: Replica Dust Jackets... and more
 ERBville Public Domain stories of ERB in PDF format
Huck's Original Glossary and Gazetteer of Barsoom
Barsoomian: The Language of ERB's Mars
Nick Knowles ERB Paperback Collection
Bruce Wood's ERB Atlas
Bruce Wood's ERB Jacket Store
Would You Like to Swing on a Vine? ERB in the Classroom
St.John's Pellucidar in Colour by Bruce Wood
Ancestors of ERB
The Tarzan Equation
The Pulp Net
Art of James Steranko with many art links
Holloway Pulp Heroes Pages
Wold Newton Universe of Philip Jose Farmer
ERB C.H.A.S.E.R. Online Encyclopedia
David Burton ERB Art
Patrick Ewing's First Edition Determinors
J. Allen St. John Bio, Gallery & Links
Illustrated Bibliography of ERB Pulp Magazines
ERB Emporium: Collectibles ~ Comics ~ BLBs ~ Pulps ~ Cards
Frank Frazetta Original Art Gallery
Unofficial Frank Frazetta Fantasy Art Gallery
Phantom Books ERB Site
ERB Barsoom Site
Classic Reader: ERB
AllSciFi dot Com
Donald M. Grant Publishers: ERB
Lost Worlds ~ World At The Earth's Centre ~ Lost Land of Pal-ul-don
The World of Jesse Marsh
Basket Graphics
Jeff Doten Art Galleries
ERB Art Replicas: Art Masterworks Site
Amar's Shenandoah Site
Ain't It Cool Film Discussion Site
John of Mars Site
James van Hise Enterprises
Comics Encyclopedia
National Geographic Map Machine
Signatures of Famous Authors
Barsoom Art by the Greats
Dejah Thoris Resin Model Kit (based on Frank Cho art)
Tarzan's Illinois Roots
Tarzan's Family Tree - The Weissmuller Branch
Purchase The Adventures of Tarzan with Elmo Lincoln ~ 1921
The Comics Page
James Killian Spratt: Master Sculptor of ERB Jetan & Sarang Sets
Online Pulps
Ted McKosky's Trading Post
Spirit of America Bookstore: ERB Mini Page
ERB Fan Fiction by Rod Hunsicker
Golden Age American Illustration: Neal Adams, Al Williamson
EC Science Fiction Comics Covers
Feral Children in Mythology and Fiction
Tarzan in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tarzan Song Lyrics (Disney)
Rare Book Search: PBA Galleries
Ultimate Disney
ERB Cover Art
Bruce Wood's Barsoom Map Collection
Crime in your coffee blog
Authors Directory: ERB
Radio Spirits: The Golden Age of Radio
Doug Denby's ERB-Den: ERB Pins and Buttons
Don Marquez Art Galleries
Frank R. Paul
Philip J. Farmer
Black Mask Classic Pulp Fiction Online
John Carter Movie: Unofficial Fan Site
Comic Collectors Society
François Miville-Deschênes: Illustration Fantastic
Would You Like To Swing On A Vine?
Star Wars Origins
The Story Behind the Original All-Story
Barsoom: The Lost Chronicles (fan fiction)
Tarzan Movie Clips
Jerry Schneider's Storefront ~
Tarzan vs. Doc Savage
Tarzan the Tiger Serial
What Kind of Ape Was Tarzan Raised By?
Could a Human Swing Through the Jungle?
Astral Travelling
Tarzan Song ~ German MP3
Mars by Percival Lowell
Ray Cuthbert Galleries: ERB & Adventure Artists
Chronology of ERB Fictional Events by Wold Newton
What NASA Isn't Telling About Mars
Aphelion-SF Webzine
Pulp Mags
Disney's Tarzan the Broadway Musical
NASA Sim-Flight through Mars' Mariner Valley
Tarzan On Broadway: Tickets
Land That Time Forgot Reading Download
Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine
The TCON Promotional Society / TT
University of Nebraska Press/Bison Books Blog
ERB Audio Books at Project Gutenberg
Gutenberg Australia eTexts
Michael Nichols African Photo Galleries
ERB Wikipedia Refs: Barsoom|John Carter | Tarzan - Arts Directory
Intute: Arts and Humanities: ERBzine Entry
Tarzan Legacy (Disney Material)
Deke's Collection: Antique Toys, BLBs, Trading Cards
Victorian Adventure Enthusiast
American Pulp Magazines: Contents & Covers
Galactic Central: Illustrated Pulp Checklists
Tarzan Logo Study
Matinee at the Bijou
Old Time Radio Show Catalog: Tarzan and thousands more
Richard Dawkins
Dale Robinson's Tribute to ERB
John Carter of Mars - Unofficial Film Site
Pulp Fest
erbgraphics: Dust Jackets for the Works of ERB
Tribune Friends of Edgar Rice Burroughs (France)
Rick Johnson's Atlas of Barsoom
ERB Bio: Historical Soc. S. California
FritzFrazetta Blog
ERB Books for Sale at
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